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Holiday Fit Tip: Buffet Strategies

This time of year, holiday parties are a plenty and with them come plenty of tempting foods and drinks. It is best to walk into a party with a game plan and here are some strategies to help.

  • Never go to a party hungry. Meeting a buffet table with an empty stomach usually spells diet disaster. Have an apple and a handful of nuts before going out, this way you will not be starving when you start to party.
  • Alternate your alcoholic beverages with sparkling water. This way you avoid not only calories, but a hangover as well. Champagne and wine have significantly fewer calories than egg nog and hot buttered rum.
  • Fill your buffet plate with veggies. This way you will fill up on healthy foods. Look for veggies that are simply prepared and not smothered in butter or cheese.
  • I have a few more tips based on experience. To learn from my mistakes just


  • When filling your plate take a bite sized portion of dishes that look tasty, but not overly indulgent. This way you will feel like you are treating yourself, without going overboard.
  • Don’t hang out by the food table. This one seems pretty obvious, but is always worth repeating. Doesn't everything come down to location? You will be less likely to mindlessly snack if you are not near all the food.
  • Sit down to eat. Even if it is a "stand and talk" party, find a chair and take time to taste and enjoy the party food. This will give you the psychological perspective of having eaten a meal, and help you keep yourself in check.


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