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How to Exercise When You Don't Want To

Unmotivated to Exercise? 4 Ways to Fake It

For some, exercise is just an everyday habit, like brushing your teeth or grabbing a cup of coffee. For others, though, minor disruptions in a gym routine — like going on vacation or coming down with a cold — can easily turn into an exercise-less rut that lasts for weeks. Before that happens, here are four easy ways to fake your way into working out.

Have a roster of workout buddies: When you're not motivated to do a workout, you need someone else to do the pushing for you. But what if your regular workout buddy is similarly unmotivated for the day? Having several fitness-minded friends to call on when you need that extra push can be all you need to (reluctantly) get on with your workout.

Just get dressed: Breaking up all those pre-workout tasks into smaller goals can make a dreaded exercise routine seem more manageable. Telling yourself to just put on your clothes to see how you feel can be all you need to realize that you've already put in the effort and would rather not waste it.


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Do an easier workout: Even if you've made it to the gym, pushing yourself to go all out can sometimes just convince you to quit. If you're over it by the first minute of your workout, try something a little less intense, like a restorative yoga class or a slower pace on the elliptical instead. It's better than nothing, and you'll still be burning calories and working your muscles. You may even start to feel better once you've committed so you can ramp up your workout.

Delayed gratification: Is your favorite store having a major sale or are you meeting the girls for brunch? Making plans for after your workout can motivate you to just get it over and done with instead of dragging your feet to get it done. If you know that a fun-filled day awaits you as soon as you've sweat and showered, you may be more excited to power through your exercise.

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