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How to Fix a Slippery Yoga Mat

A Reader Asks: How Do I Keep From Slipping on My Yoga Mat?

FitSugar reader hiptobesquare needs your help and posted the following question in the FitSugar Q and A community group.

In my yoga class, I get really sweaty and my hands and feet slip on my mat. Do you need a special mat for something like this?
— hiptobesquare

Thanks for your question, hiptobesquare. Practicing on a slippery yoga mat can be a major distraction, and when it comes to certain poses, it may prove to be dangerous — no one wants to land on their face during Downward Dog! As for whether or not you need a special mat, the answer is not necessarily. There are several mats on the market that are advertised as "nonslip," but from our own experiences, no mat is truly slip- or sweat-proof. What these mats do offer is better traction and grip and less of a slick surface, which is helpful if you tend to get sweaty during class. We find that Manduka mats are great for offering good grip for sweaty hands and feet.


To avoid having to go out a buy a new mat, we recommend investing in a slipless towel. Unlike regular bath towels, a slipless towel absorbs sweat and dries quickly. And, in many cases, the towel is either made with a material that allows for extra grip or is antibacterial (in some cases, both). You might even ditch your mat altogether. Many people who practice hot yoga opt for a cotton mat that is made with traction on the underside, or just practice on a slipless towel.

Keep reading for more tips.

If you find this still isn't enough, or you don't want to lay a towel over your mat, there is another option. Companies like Blake Brody and Toe Sox make nonslip yoga shoes, socks, and gloves. These products absorb sweat and are made with little rubber grips that help keep you in place during a pose.

Keep in mind that the more you use your mat, the less slippery it becomes. Also, remember to wash it frequently. Through practice and washings, you'll be able to break down the slick sheen that often coats a new mat. (Just make sure to not use a slippery soap wash! We're partial to apple cider vinegar that has been diluted with water.)

Readers, have any other tips for hiptobesquare? Share them in the comments below and don't forget to post your own questions in our FitSugar Q and A community group!

Source: Flickr user lululemon athletica

Sunnymay Sunnymay 6 years
A small towel in a color that brightens you day can help mop up the sweat on the mat and your face and hands. I prefer to wear those fuzzy socks that have dots on the bottom to keep from slipping and sliding on the mat. I've seen some people use a rug mat and a woven rug/blanket instead of a mat.
vegangirlnextdoor vegangirlnextdoor 6 years
Jade yoga mats are great. You will not need a towel with these rubber mats.
enginerdette enginerdette 6 years
I just use a yoga towel. You may have to experiment with the different brands out there, but I have a Gaiam thirsty yoga towel and a Kulae yoga towel. Other popular towels that I've seen around are Yogitoes skidless towels and Manduka eQua. For me, the Kulae has been better at keeping from slipping all over the place. The Gaiam is a good deal (much cheaper than other towels) but after one wash, I cannot seem to get a grip on it.
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