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How Friends Are Making You Fat

How Friends Sabotage Your Weight-Loss Goals

Friends can help you lose weight when they share your good intentions, but here are some ways your buddies can also derail you on your weight-loss quest, and what you can do about it.

They Bring You Treats
Aww, how thoughtful. Your hubby stopped off at your favorite bakery and brought you home a raspberry-filled chocolate cupcake. First off, thank that man! Then offer to share it with him as you explain that you really appreciate him thinking of you, but you'd prefer something lower in calories like Gerber daisies or a copy of the latest romantic comedy.

They Want to Catch Up at the Local Bar For Happy Hour
Of course you want to get together to hear about your best friend's new job, but all those cocktails and apps are so high in calories. Eat a snack before so you're not tempted to order mozzarella sticks, and slowly sip on one low-calorie bevvy such as a glass of wine or a light beer.

They Lure You to Go Out For Brunch Instead of Getting in Your Morning Run
Peach-stuffed french toast sounds much more amazing than running hills in your neighborhood, but you know you'll feel guilty for skipping out. So be strong and tell your friends you'll meet them afterward. Or better yet, encourage your buds to slip on their sports bras and get their sweat on too so you'll all feel good about indulging after your workout.

Keep reading to see other ways your friends wreck your plans for weight loss.

Getting Together Means Going Out to Eat
There are so many other things you can do with your friends that don't have decadent high-calorie food as the focus. Instead of communally gorging on fried everything, make your get together movement-based and go for a hike, walk your dogs in a park, meet at your local yoga studio for a class, or tour your town on bikes. If dinner out is the only option, have a broth-based soup as an appetizer, a huge salad for dinner, and a forkful of a shared dessert.

Your Family Cures Your Troubles With Food
Your mom is your best friend so you head to your parents house after a recent breakup. While listening to you sob talk about how upset you are, your mom whips up a batch of chocolate chip cookies. Some families are all about the food, which is one of the main reasons we love them. But if you're trying to lose weight, Gramma's homemade lasagna won't help. It's best to share your weight-loss goals with your loved ones so whether you're happy or sad, they won't offer you something to eat.

Your Friends Aren't Trying to Lose Weight
If your friends aren't on a weight-loss quest, they'll eat whatever they want without a minute of exercise. It's hard to be around people like this when you're spending so much time on a diet and at the gym. I'm not telling you to drop your skinny friends, but you need like-minded support. Spending time with other people trying to lose weight will give you someone to complain to, an instant exercise buddy, and a go-to person for sharing healthy recipes and fitness tips.

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