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I like to think of my car as a continuation of my home, my private sanctuary on wheels. Now I know there are germs in my home, I have two little germ factories children running around my house. For some reason though, I thought my car would be germ free. Not true, in fact, moms have the germiest vehicles around.
You would think the steering wheel would harbor the most bacteria, since your hands are on it all the time. But the dashboard is one of the leading "hot" spots. Not only is it the warmest place in the car, air vents draw bacteria via the air circulation system. Food and beverages spill and stains may look harmless but they are a haven for bacteria.

Single men have the cleanest cars, while married folks and moms have the "hottest" cars, geography does play a part. Cars in hot humid climates like Florida are likely to contain 10 times as much bacteria as cars in dry areas like Arizona.

Regardless of your geographic location or marriage status, keep some antibacterial wipes in your glove box to clean up your spills. As a mom, I must say baby wipes are great for dusting the dash.


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