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5 Ways to Get Your Nails in Shape

Attention nail-biters, this post is for you! Aside from being a fashion statement, nails are an important part of your overall health. In fact, discoloration, indentations, or opaqueness can often be signs of more serious conditions such as anemia, hepatitis, or lupus. Keep these five tips in mind for the healthiest nails yet.

  1. Just like your bones, nail health relies on a balanced diet that includes plenty of protein and vitamins. If you're worried something is missing, try keeping a food journal to notice any patterns or starting your morning with a nutrient-rich breakfast smoothie.
  2. If you're one to often change your nail polish, use an acetone-free remover. Acetone is harsh and can dry out your nails, causing them to crack, which can lead to an infection under your nails.
  3. Although it can be tempting, don't bite, pick, or tear your hangnails. Not only is this bad habit unflattering, but it will also damage your nail bed (the skin underneath your nail). It can also allow bacteria to enter your skin and cause an infection. Instead, use a clean manicure set to do the dirty work.
  4. Just like flossing, make nail care a healthy habit. Regularly trim your nails (with a clipper, not your teeth), and smooth rough edges with an emery board. Clean under your nails, and then moisturize them to prevent cracking or breakage.
  5. If you like to get manicures and pedicures (what girl doesn't?), make sure you go to a reputable place that cleans its instruments between each customer. This is key to preventing infection.
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nowari_101 nowari_101 9 years
Thank you Xandara ..i recently started taking them and so far there not breaking :D
Xandara Xandara 9 years
I recently started taking prenatal vitamins (found at your local drug store) and HOLY MOLY, my break-every-day, super thin nails have completely done a 360 in just a few weeks. The other night I whacked my nail on my kitchen cupboard, and rather than breaking the nail, I SCRATCHED THE WOOD with my nail. I almost died of shock, hahaha. My boyfriend says they look like a French manicure, but without actually doing anything to them - they used to be practically see-through they were so thin. So yeah, prenatal vitamins totally won me over. I'm just sad it took me so long to just buy a bottle and give them a try!
nowari_101 nowari_101 9 years
my nails are very breakable and it takes 4 ever to grow back
Spectra Spectra 9 years
Mine split a lot because I mess around with them too much. I file them and buff them a lot, plus I always use nail polish remover WITH acetone (because it's the only stuff that gets off the really dark colors). I've started using a nail strengthening clear coat and it's helping. Plus, I've stopped with the super-aggressive filing/buffing, so MAYBE they'll stop splitting and peeling.
aimeeb aimeeb 9 years
I love manis!
xrawk_starrx xrawk_starrx 9 years
julibul: Mine are the same way.
Renees3 Renees3 9 years
My nails are rided and VERY peely. I thought they'd get better when I started taking vitamins and eating better but no luck.
julibul julibul 9 years
I have the worst nails. Weak and ridged because I can't stop biting them and the skin/cuticle.
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