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How to Get Michelle Obama's Toned Arms

Michelle Obama Arm Envy Reaching New Heights

Michelle Obama made a fashionable entrance into the White House, and the first lady has been receiving attention on her style choices and toned arms since President Obama was sworn into office. While Michelle has been showing her commitment to promoting healthful eating across the country, Americans have been exhibiting their dedication to her toned arms on the Internet and in the gym.

There's a website dedicated to the first lady's enviable arms, appropriately named First Guns, where Michelle's arms have been endearingly nicknamed Thunder and Lightning. The Running Center in New York has developed a class called M.O.D.A (Michelle Obama Defined Arms) that focuses on the body part our first lady is known for, and I'd put money on more gyms offering similar classes.

Feeling a little Michelle-Obama-arm-envy yourself? Check out my collection of arm exercises: Work your biceps, triceps, and shoulders to get stronger and more defined arms.


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GreenGal GreenGal 8 years
any woman can get toned arms just doing those simple exercises and eating well. I liken the public obsession with the Obamas (for lack of a better description) with the first 80 degree day after a horrendously long winter. Yeah it sounds corny but it fits. I like the Obamas, I admire them, I voted for the man, yeah all this attention gets to be a little too much but if you come from an area where the youth you work with only see rap artists, ball players and video-vixens as people to emulate you would want to plaster this family's portrait all over the neighborhood.
lollofit lollofit 8 years
Isn't it so random that the first lady can inspire such a fitness phenom? I think so. Whatever gets people to the gym!
hope2be hope2be 8 years
Since this is a fitsugar, I'd say that, she's got the BEST bod when it comes to First Lady's bod, not saying that the other didn't have good bods, but Michelle's just happens to be my fave body type. She looks fit, and love her curves and after 2 children she still keeps herself looking like that? You go, girl :D I hope to look like that too when I reach my 40s and after spewing out some babies LOL. (She is in her 40s, right? LOL. I mean, she looks younger).
lilkimbo lilkimbo 8 years
I agree with a lot of others; Michelle Obama looks good and is in good shape, but all of the focus on superficial things about her is getting annoying. GlowingMoon, as a Michelle Obama supporter, I would think you would be more annoyed than anyone by this sort of attention; it distracts from her academic and professional accomplishments. And TrueSong, I do see what you're saying, but a lot of what you call nipicking is a result of the obsessive fawning coverage. As you can see, many posters like her but the coverage has turned them off a bit.
darc5204 darc5204 8 years
Well, she can't control the media attention or obsession, so at least she tends to use it to promote healthy habits.
brownsuga928 brownsuga928 8 years
I think they are fab!
delightfairy delightfairy 8 years
I think she definitely looks great for her age.
SKC-Sparkle SKC-Sparkle 8 years
I would love arms like hers...I've got saggy arm syndrome :(
acyl acyl 8 years
Michelle is more than just arms! Why can't people get over the fact that she's in shape? It's like some have never seen a woman with toned arms before!
cherrygirl143 cherrygirl143 8 years
If this is her best quality...we are in trouble.
Spectra Spectra 8 years
My problem with all this Michelle Obama arm-worship stuff is that it sort of demeans her a bit. It's like putting her on a par with all other no-talent celebs that are only famous for their bodies. Why can't we focus on the Obamas' politics and leave the fashion/fitness stuff out of it? I mean, sure it's great that Michelle Obama has nice arms, but who really cares?? Plus, like other posters said, they aren't THAT great; they're just better than say, Laura Bush's arms. I really think it's a sign that our culture is getting more and more dumbed-down and media-centered.
GlowingMoon GlowingMoon 8 years
Well, I'm not envious of Michelle Obama. I'm not the jealous type. I'm just happy for her. I agree -- she has terrific arms, and I think she's an attractive woman. I like her style, too -- classic and elegant. Additionally, I also admire her personal accomplishments. She attended Princeton and Harvard Law school. Her career is just as prolific (just do some research, and one would see). This woman is NOT just another pretty face. This woman is the complete package. For those who begrudge her the attention, I think are being a little short sighted. This is an admirable woman. I'm proud she's our First Lady.
blondie829 blondie829 8 years
Wow Alexandra... I am a tall and curvaceous woman and I think what you're saying can be pretty offensive. Last I checked, all women are beautiful in their own way and height, weight, skintone, etc. does not qualify you as being unattractive... Criticizing women for things they have no control over - i.e. height, etc. is ridiculous. (/soapbox)
TammyO TammyO 8 years
Just what is wrong with being built like an Amazon?
yasume yasume 8 years
Alexandra, I disagree with you. She is attractive and is not amazonian. She is a beautiful, tall woman with curves who exercises and takes care of herself. I don't like the idea of a gym using her name as a marketing gimmick though.
miss-malone miss-malone 8 years
I agree...
AlexandraEva AlexandraEva 8 years
Michelle Obama is unattractive and built like an Amazonian. Her style is what it is because there's only so many things she can fit her enormous frame into. I wish all these sites would stop trying to make her into the new Jacqueline Kennedy. Trust me, it's not going to happen.
T-S T-S 8 years
I'm about as tired of the obsessive fawning coverage as I am of the obsessive need to nitpick. "She's not that pretty, she's not that toned, she doesn't dress that well." Just keep scrolling!
runningesq runningesq 8 years
I quite like Michelle Obama, but I agree this focus with her fashion (not always a-MA-zing) and her fitness (great, but by no means rock star) is getting ridiculous.. x2 !
fleurfairy fleurfairy 8 years
I'm already sick of the Obamas. And I voted for him.
Nak-Nak Nak-Nak 8 years
I quite like Michelle Obama, but I agree this focus with her fashion (not always a-MA-zing) and her fitness (great, but by no means rock star) is getting ridiculous. I am very happy to have a prominent black woman be fashion and health conscious (in a healthy way), but seriously I'm certain that even Ms. Obama finds all this attention more than a little dumb.
amybdk amybdk 8 years
I can see how if you're not the biggest Michelle Obama fan, this type of coverage would get old. Personally, I think it's kind of neat. :) Call me in 9 months or so and we'll see how I feel then!
syako syako 8 years
Yeah, to me, they're not "toned." They are slim and shapely. But not toned. This is getting a little rick-dic-ulous.
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