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How to Get Ready For an Outdoor Run

6 Things I Always Do Before Heading Out For a Run

After noshing on a little preworkout snack I always do six things before heading outside for a run.

  1. Check the weather: It may look like blue skies, but that can change any second, especially in Vermont. Before getting all layered up, I take a peek at my local forecast map to stay on the lookout for any precipitation or storms headed my way so I can dress accordingly or plan to run later.
  2. Make sure my iPhone is charged: Since I love listening to music on speakerphone (it's safer than wearing earbuds), a charged iPhone is a must, but more importantly, I carry it with me on every outdoor run just in case I need to call for help (a morbid thought, I know, but better to be safe than sorry).
  3. Hit the ladies room: Nothing is worse than that uncomfortable feeling of needing "to go" halfway through my run, so I always hit the loo one last time before heading out.

Continue reading to find out the other three things I always do before heading out for a run.

  1. Stash tissues: While I'm in the bathroom, I grab a few tissues and stuff them in my right sleeve by my wrist. It makes them easy to grab, which is key since my nose tends to run while running, especially in cold weather. I stuff used tissues in my left sleeve so they don't contaminate the clean ones.
  2. Hit the stairs: Warming up is essential, especially now that it's getting chilly. I could walk briskly outside, but I find jogging up and down the stairs in my house is the best way to warm up. It not only gets my heart pumping, but it also works the muscles I use when running. I do the stairs for a couple minutes, enough to get my heart rate up, but not enough to start sweating. Then I head out the door.
  3. Tell someone I'm going: I'm so paranoid that I'll be out for a run, will twist my ankle and fall to the ground in pain, and won't be able to get home. Whether I'm running on my neighborhood streets or on the woodsy trails near my house, I always call my hubby as soon as I head out the door. I tell him where I'm running and what time I'll be back. He can expect to receive a call or text once I return, and if he doesn't, he knows to call and make sure I'm OK. If I don't answer, he'll know something is wrong. Knowing he's looking out for me while I'm outside running always makes me feel safer.
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