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Healthy Eating Tips
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Healthy Eating Tips
Dietitians Say to Do This 1 Thing to Beat Belly Bloat (Hint: It Doesn't Have to Do With Food)

How to Get Rid of Belly Fat

Banish That Belly in 3 Easy Steps

Belly bulge. Muffin top. Love handles. There are a lot of names for that extra jiggle in the middle. Instead of nicknaming belly fat, let's get rid of it! And while having a flat, toned stomach may seem like a quest for the Holy Grail, it's not. First you need to understand why you have belly fat. After that, follow these three basic tips to banish it for good.

  • Eat the right foods. Having a healthy diet is an easy first step to banishing the bulge. Practice portion control, eat whole foods, and make sure your diet is a healthy balance of carbs, protein, and (good) fat. There are also foods, like whole grains, which help people lose belly fat.
  • Cardio, baby! If you want to slim down your midsection, it's time to step up your cardio in a major way. High-intensity activities like spinning, interval training, and running are all good ways to get a handle on your love handles.
  • Tone up. Listen closely: limiting yourself to ab exercises does not make a flat belly. It's a healthy diet and a solid routine of cardio that is going to help you drop the pounds. But toning your midsection and back area will sculpt your body, which helps you look slimmer. And by the time you drop all your belly fat, you'll be left with a drool-worthy six-pack. Zing!
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Evan15325442 Evan15325442 3 years
Excellent read here...The only way to lose weight and tone up is but eating the right foods and having the right diet...too many people focus too much on exercising which is why they see minimal results!
inlove23 inlove23 6 years
It's taken me about eight months to get the majority of belly fat off (went from 141-129 at 5'4) but I still have a layer left. I can feel my abs getting hard though! =) It just takes lots of patience and dedication. Oh, and cardio. lol.
Rock-Star125929 Rock-Star125929 6 years
Of course! I do strenght training after my cardio. It helped tone my body A LOT! So, yeah! Go for it! Feel the burn :D
amber512 amber512 6 years
Yeah, losing weight definitely exacerbated my belly fat! I lost over 90 pounds and the skin and fat still like hanging out in the stomach area. I do intervals a lot while doing my cardio...maybe more strength training might help?
Rock-Star125929 Rock-Star125929 6 years
I've lost a lot of weight (From 179, to 132) And I was left with a lot of belly fat. I've done interval training, mostly on the treadmill. And I think it's working. I used to have like three layers of belly fat :D I think now I have two! The largest layer is definitely the lowest :( Hopefully it all goes off. It definitely takes time to see results. I noticed the difference after like a month! So, Got to keep going!
Sherellj Sherellj 6 years
Thanx for this info, I have been dieting and walking for about 2 months now, I lost weight but my midsection is still a problem
deafitmom4 deafitmom4 6 years
Oh I'm with you guys! The rolls, the bulge, the jiggle, the matter what you do, how hard you try, and you do everything right, that stomach is just here to stay! BEYOND FRUSTURATING!!
amber512 amber512 6 years
I do all of those things and yet I'm still apple-shaped and STILL have the belly fat. Soo annoying!
any any 6 years
thanx!! :D you know what I hate! PMS, I always tend to gain like 2 pounds! and I'm super tiny, so that's like 5 pounds! :(
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