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How to Be a Good Workout Buddy

4 Ways to Not Be a Lame Workout Buddy

The best workout buddies make exercising that much more fun, all while you both push each other to work harder. But sometimes a buddy can sabotage results. Here's how not to be that lame workout buddy.

  1. Don't flake: You should treat your meet-up with your workout buddy like you treat other appointments. That means don't be a flake; it's one thing to cancel because you're sick or because something unexpected came up, but it's another thing to make canceling your workouts a pattern. Make sure you find a time that works for both of you so you're not constantly flaking on your buddy at the last minute.
  2. Push yourself: A workout buddy can be one of the best motivators when it comes to sticking to your routine, but don't always rely on your buddy to encourage you; you also need to be the one pushing you and your buddy, especially on those days when you're both feeling similarly demotivated.
  3. Set goals: Whether it's losing weight, gaining muscle, or upping your endurance, it always helps to have a goal when you work out. This is especially true if you and your buddy find yourself doing the same workout over and over. Beat boredom and the plateau by signing up for a race, trying a new class, or making a plan to increase your reps as you get stronger.
  4. Cut convo time: The great thing about having a workout buddy is that you've always got company, even when you're doing the most boring, repetitive moves. But if you're using your workout date as an excuse to gossip, then you're missing the ability to get an effective workout. Paying more attention to your conversation than your workout means you may end up with improper form, which can mess with your results and lead to injury. Instead, save most of the conversation for the warm-up or cooldown, or reward yourselves with an extended gabfest after you're done!

If this isn't you, then congrats! But if you have a suspicion that your workout buddy is dragging you down, then here are our top 10 signs it's time for a new workout buddy.

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