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How Green Is Your Coffee?

Let me just start by saying this is not a misplaced St. Patty's day post. By "green" I mean environmentally conscious. Do you buy a cup of joe every morning on your way to work? Well there are a few ways to make your daily dose of caffeine have a smaller carbon foot print.

  • Mug Shot: Bring your own "travel" mug that you can use over and over and over again, instead of adding a paper cup and plastic lid into landfill (or recycling bins, but most lids are made from #6 plastic, a risky plastic health wise too).
  • Mix Au Naturelle: Skip the plastic or wooden stirrer and allow the milk and coffee to mix on their own. All those skinny pieces of plastic add up! If you use sugar in your coffee (which I must say adds calories to your coffee beverage!) same deal. Add the sugar before the milk so the hot coffee helps dissolve the (unnecessary) sugar.
  • Triple Threat: Be a green superstar and opt for coffee that is organic, fair trade and shade grown. Organic coffee is grown without pesticides. Fair Trade means the coffee growers are paid fairly for their crops. Shade Grown means the coffee is grown on farms with trees, so the natural environment is preserved which benefits migratory birds.

No matter how you take your coffee, you can make it greener!!! Now that you know how to make your coffee better for the environment, here's a little coffee round up on the health benefits of java!


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