The following post was written by Jenni K., who blogs at Fitzala and is part of POPSUGAR Select Fitness.

Source: Shutterstock Getting yourself up early to cram in your 45 minutes of physical activity doesn't always rank high on the average person's enjoyment list. Whether you go to the gym to lose weight or run to stay healthy, the fire within you isn't always going to burn bright. So how do we stay motivated? How do we keep pushing on in exercise or healthy eating when it becomes boring, forced, or unappealing? Motivation is a by-product of happinessand desire. By influencing either of the two, you can essentially create motivation. If something makes you happy, you do it more often. If something is important to you, you're more likely to grind it out when things get rough. Instead of coasting along, try a few of these activities to figure out what you want. 

  1. List out a few goals for your health, personal life, and career.
  2. Write a list of three things you want to improve.
  3. Share your goals that you want to achieve with your friends.
  4. Set deadlines for personal goals.
  5. Make a bucket list.

Source: Thinkstock What you're really doing is making a list of the things you want out of life. All you need to do now is identify the steps you need to take to get there. Say you want to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. Waking up early for runs and strength-training sessions won't be nearly as hard when you know that the conditioning is going to help you cross this item off your bucket list. Life is about happiness and fulfillment. When you force working out or eating well, you aren't going to feel better. These once-good habits become a burden when your motivation wanes. By creating your own world where each step is an achievement toward a greater goal, you'll build positive habits and feel good about your life. Your natural drive increases as you take more steps toward your goals, and you feel happier and motivated.