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How Happiness Affects Weight Loss

Happiness Could Be the Secret Weapon For Weight Loss

We all know that weight loss is not only a physical journey, but a psychological one as well. A positive attitude can do wonders for your mind and your body as you work to shed pounds and get fit. Learn how happiness can help with weight loss and lead you toward more mindful living.

TRenobaum TRenobaum 5 years
I do not think this self hypnosis, or self brainwashing technique is that easy. It is kind of lying to yourself until you believe it. But I know the truth, so I know I am lying and I am hard to convince!!! If I am not looking forward to that salad and hate it, how do I convince myself? If I smile on the outside but I really feeling like crying on the inside will a fake smile really have the same results? I am skeptical, but I am going to try to lie my butt off to myself and see if I fall for it. ;)
laurenislost laurenislost 6 years
I certainly agree with the warm-fuzzies of self-acceptance, but it can be really damn hard to accept yourself when their are plenty of hotter skinnier chicks at the gym.. Just sayin.
a-lee a-lee 6 years
It's so hard for me to choose a salad over a delicious burger, but you make it seem so easy!
cassie1234 cassie1234 6 years
Really interesting topic..and great message for all women. Sure it will inspire young girls to make right choices when it comes to food and health.
Dr-Happy Dr-Happy 6 years
Excellent stuff. This is exactly what The Happiness Diet is all about! So happy to see that others share our positive philosophy and we'd love you to check us out at : )
sidoniefreeman sidoniefreeman 6 years
Wow that is so profound and helpful to me, Dr. Z! Thank you for spreading the word and the happiness! i cant wait to re frame my thinking in this way!
sara-byrt sara-byrt 6 years
I disagree with comment of ticamorena respectfully. Success brings happiness, not vice versa. sorry! when we do things for our selves daily, when we are not lazy and only when we are motivated to stay healthy in/out for our own good can we be happy! Dr. Montminy is right!
ticamorena ticamorena 6 years
happiness is the secret to success in just about any field or context, so no surprises here!
Care2 Care2 6 years
This segment will truly change lives, thanks you! Dr. Zelana, can you please follow it up with a series of segments with a "happy thought of the day"? Thank you for helping me add happiness while subtracting pounds, Dr. Z!
Rachelfarahnik Rachelfarahnik 6 years
What a great segment. Any chance you can do one on how to stay motivated and get on a regular routine. I find it hard to start working out and to stick with it. Thanks
hollandfilliettaz hollandfilliettaz 6 years
Dr. Zelana, Thank you for reminding us all that beauty starts from within and that we are all able to change our own lives for the better by simply staying positive!
ednamode ednamode 6 years
Perfect delivery for an important message. Thank you Dr. Z and Shawn! Really enjoyed the segment and hope you do a lot more of these.
Zelana-Montminy Zelana-Montminy 6 years
Thank you all so much for such positive feedback and support, much appreciated...and please continue to stay tuned!
Sades Sades 6 years
Wow! This is such a great message for people everywhere and great way to access this information. So informative and important to get out there.
Allison503 Allison503 6 years
This is so important! Thanks so much Dr. Zelana and Shawn. Really excellent!
jenna-b jenna-b 6 years
Great Article!!! Makes sense. I have always believed that a positive attitude is key to attaining my goals but it is nice to hear facts about this. Thank you!!!
nielly nielly 6 years
I loved that message Dr. Zelana! That was very inspirational! Keep it coming!
Marguery Marguery 6 years
This is such a vital message to get across! It's so nice to hear a fresh voice in this industry taking a balanced and truly holistic approach to health and well-being.
Kat Kat 6 years
I totally believe in this - I think you can decide to be happy and stick with it! Thanks to Shawn and my girl Dr. Z!
sara-byrt sara-byrt 6 years
True revolutional colossal NEW discovery for all ages, especially for wanna be teens and college students who rely on their own time and decision making under extreme peer pressure. Brilliant direction to take for every human being in every chapter of daily struggle be it happiness, weight or simply survival. It is also VERY revolutionary for groups of people who come from different contries and background where there was no reason to simply smile or look/feel healthy. An eye opener and NEW direction for me. Thank you so much, Dr. Montminy and Shawn Achor . Hope to see more of you discoveries. Off for a great day with a smile! Sara Byrt
Toni-White Toni-White 6 years
AWESOME segment. I hope you do more of these! It's of paramount importance to get this message across, especially to young girls who struggle with their weight on a purely superficial level. Stressing the importance of working from the inside out is a strong message to get across, and one I hope you guys focus on more in the future! Thx.
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