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How to Not Hate the Gym

Reasons You Hate the Gym and Solutions For Dealing

You may be driven indoors if the Summer heat makes your workouts unbearable. Since not everyone is a fan of the gym, here are some solutions to your gym gripes.

Waiting for equipment because the gym is too crowded
Find out when your gym is least busy, and if your schedule allows for it, go during those off times like 10 a.m. or 2 p.m. If you're locked into going before or after work when everyone else seems to hit the gym, give less popular equipment a try. Or, do some strength training moves while you wait.

High membership prices
Gyms sometimes offer deals if you join with a friend or sign up for a certain amount of time. If there aren't any deals to be had, choose a gym that offers exactly what you use, so you're not paying for amenities that you don't need like a sauna or pool.


Annoying people
Whether they're gabbing on their cell phone or trying to flirt with you while you do your reps, annoying people will always be at your gym — it's how you deal with them that will affect your workout. You could always secretly complain to the staff, especially if there are rules about cell phones. Or do what I do, which is put on my headphones, focus on my workout, and ignore everyone else.

Continue reading for other ways to deal with why you hate the gym.

Fitness classes are packed
For popular group classes, if it seems like everyone is making a mad dash to get into the room, arrive at least 10 minutes early to ensure you get a spot. If the class has so many people that you feel claustrophobic or you're not getting the attention you need from the instructor, seek out a different class at a less popular time. Depending on your gym, early morning or late evening classes might be your best option.

The fitness equipment is overwhelming
Most people stick to the treadmill and dumbbells, so if you're itching to mix up your routine with some new equipment, talk to the gym staff. They're usually available for free instruction, or some gyms offer a free session with a personal trainer. Even if you have to shell out some dough for a session with a trainer, it's worth the feeling of confidence you'll have when you walk into the gym and know eight different ways to work your quads.

Gyms are smelly and germy
Buy your own yoga mat instead of using the one at the gym that's been sweat on by hundreds. Also bring a towel to sit or lie on if you're skeeved about other people's germs. Use your own disinfectant wipes to clean off any surfaces you might come into contact with. Also be sure to wash your hands after using equipment to prevent getting sick.

It's just plain boring
Running on the treadmill is naturally repetitive, so when you throw in the fact that the environment doesn't change, it's bound to bore you. Add a little pep to your gym days by adding variety. Don't be married to the same equipment or routine day in and day out. If you do a different workout every time you hit the gym, it'll keep your mind engaged and work your body more effectively.

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