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4 Ways to Energize Before Your Next Run

Sometimes, you just don't want to go for a run — you're tired and sluggish, and when you finally convince yourself to go you can't shake that lead feeling from your legs. Help prevent a low-energy run next time with these tips.

  • Drink caffeine: Studies have found that athletes given caffeine before their workout had increased endurance than those who didn't drink any coffee. Try drinking a cup of coffee an hour before your run; if caffeine isn't your drink, here are four other noncaffeinated drinks that energize you as well.
  • Warm up first: If you're feeling sluggish before a run, get your blood flowing before you start your jog. A few high knees, jumping jacks, or a dynamic warmup can help you feel light on your feet so you can tackle all your miles.
  • Find your snack: You aren't going to have your best run without the right fuel. Carbs will give you a burst of energy for your run, while protein offers sustained energy for longer or intense workouts. Make sure you eat a snack before you go out for your run to keep your energy up. Since the perfect snack that gives you fuel without upsetting your stomach can be a matter of trial and error, check out a few of our pre-workout snack ideas; it may help you find the right one.
  • Stay hydrated: Dehydration can make you fatigued, so make sure you drink enough water every day so you start any run happily hydrated. Just remember not to drink too much water before your run, or you may feel sluggish and waterlogged. If you're going on a long run, remember to bring water with you so you don't peter out from dehydration. Find out more tips on drinking water while you exercise here.
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Victor14452026 Victor14452026 4 years
Ok, as a neuroscientist I feel the need to make this very clear: caffeine is addictive, dangerous and it messes with your cells' metabolism. Having said that, this is true for any drug as it has pros and cons. Research before you begin drinking caffeinated beverages every day.
FreshWaterDame FreshWaterDame 4 years
I find the caffeine trick is so true. Even if I'm just in the gym lifting weights for the day it's a great boost! Same thing with the water. Thanks for the tips!
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