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How to Have a Good Workout

How to Have a Good Workout Day

You made a promise to yourself and prepped for your workout, but once you start exercising, you're not sure if you want to keep going. Before bailing on your workout becomes a pattern, here are a few ways to ensure you have a good workout day.

Get enough sleep the night before. Sure, exercise wakes you up, but being energized before you actually start can be the difference between dragging your feet and feeling like you can go on forever.

Eat the right thing. Even if you're feeling your best, the wrong preworkout snack can quickly turn you into a crampy, fatigued mess. Think carefully about what you eat before a workout so you can exercise without any pain or heaviness. Here's a list of the best foods to eat before working out.


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Know yourself. Sometimes, you want to get enough sleep and it just doesn't happen, or you can't bear to miss those happy hour plans. Late-night disturbances, stress, or even too much fun can keep you from getting a solid workout. Instead of nixing your entire fitness regimen, think about it realistically: modify your workout as necessary, whether that means telling yourself you can stop after 20 minutes or making today your easy day (check out these suggestions on how to exercise when you're not feeling it).

Team up, or compete. Need an extra push? Rely on someone else to do it for the day. Whether that means grabbing an extra-enthusiastic buddy or finding an open treadmill that's next to a hardcore runner, use someone else's stellar workout to help your own not-so-great one.

Try a new playlist. If the thought of hearing that same Britney Spears song every time you reach the end of your second mile makes you want to never get there, then shuffle your playlist, add new tracks, or try a whole new one (like Pandora's new workout stations) instead.

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