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How to Have Healthy Habits at Home

Easy Ways to Keep Healthy at Home

With Summer in full force, we may be spending most of our free time outdoors, but there's nothing like home sweet home. It's no wonder that we want to practice healthy habits in our home.

Sometimes keeping a home healthy is a full-time commitment. But don't worry, these few changes are easy to make! Whether it's about germs, air, or keeping yourself motivated to stick to a healthy diet, read on for some tips to healthify your home.

Become a green thumb. Nothing beats a bit of the outdoors to decorate your house and make it feel like a home. But it's not all about the aesthetic — adding indoor plants to your decor will also help purify the air in your home. What are the best plants for the air in your house? Plants like the Rubber Plant and English Ivy rank high in their air-purifying ability; check out the rest of the best air-purifying plants here. And for even more air quality, make sure you use a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA certified air filter in order to keep dust mites at bay.


Read on for more tips on making your home a healthy one.

Replace household items regularly. It's one thing to be a germaphobe, but it's another to be using the same kitchen sponge now that you used to wash your New Year's Eve party dishes. Regularly replacing items you use to clean — whether it's the sponge you use to keep dishes sparkling or the one that keeps you clean in the shower — to make sure that you aren't creating a place where items can grow. Here are some guidelines for replacing common household items.

Fight the mold. Make sure you fight any mold you might see creeping into your home, since it can cause anything from breathing problems to full-on asthma attacks. To prevent mold from forming, try using a dehumidifier if you're braving the humidity of Summer, and once you see mold scrub it out with bleach and soap.

Know what's in your fridge. Knowing exactly what's in your fridge before you go grocery shopping can help you when you're planning your week — no duplicate grocery purchases and money saved — but it's also a way to encourage you to make healthier food choices. When at the grocery store, knowing what's in my fridge translates to mindful shopping. I'll think about how I can stock my fridge that week with easy-to-make snack ideas, how to use up about-to-spoil produce, or how I can turn dinner tonight into a healthy lunch the next day.

Keep workout gear in plain sight. Finished with your workout for the day? Congrats! But instead of throwing your bag underneath your bed, designate a spot in your home where it can be a visual reminder (and all the more reason to invest in a cute gym bag). It also helps to keep other easy-to-use equipment in sight; I use my five-pound weights more when I can see them, since it's a reminder to spend a few minutes on arm exercises before I get on with my day.

What are your simple suggestions for staying healthy at home?

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DLoden DLoden 6 years
My husband suffers from asthma, we started using a dehumidifier last season and its been great for reducing mould, allergens and dust mite debris which is a huge agitator for asthma sufferers! If anyone has someone suffering in their home, simply wants cleaner air or wants to keep damp/moisture problems causing mold or damage to their home I cant recommend a dehumidifier enough. We honestly slapped ourselves silly for not thinking of getting one sooner. Theres a great website called Dehumidifiers for Home which was full to the brim with consumer advice last time we checked it out, helped us out being newbies to the whole dehumidifier game. Humidity can be a killer in certain states, I know it was pretty bad here in the summer.
Jenny-Sugar Jenny-Sugar 6 years
My husband is always worried about mold. We have a dehumidifier running in our basement and it really helps with my asthma symptoms.
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