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How Have You Inspired Others' Healthy Habits?

Speak Up: How Have You Inspired Healthy Habits in Others?

I visited my mom a couple weekends ago, and was appalled to discover that as her daily afternoon snack, she devours an entire Hershey's Milk Chocolate Bar With Almonds. No, not a regular-sized 210-calorie bar. With her insane sweet tooth, she said that isn't enough. The bar she gobbles down contains over 600 calories. I felt like her mother when I said, "Do you think this is healthy?" And her response was, "Well, I have a really light lunch. That way I can eat as much chocolate as I want and not gain weight." I was shocked.

We had a good long talk about how a person can be thin, but still be unhealthy. I said, "Mom, I want you to live a long, healthy life, and eating this much chocolate every day in place of nourishing foods isn't doing your body any good." I explained that she didn't have to ignore her chocolate cravings entirely, that moderation was the key. I think deep down, she knew eating that much chocolate wasn't good for her, but needed to hear it from someone else.

Yesterday, my mom was happy to report that she's given up the chocolate pig-out afternoon snack sessions. Yay! She said, "I started eating Greek yogurt with fruit, just like you suggested, and I feel so much better." I was so proud.

Tell me, on your quest to live a healthy lifestyle, how have you inspired others along the way?

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kristinleigh kristinleigh 6 years
I've been vegetarian for years and the other day my brother asked me to create him a pesco-vegetarian meal plan...getting closer and closer!
LeiraElle LeiraElle 6 years
My parents! Growing up we were very mid-west... steak and potatoes, lots of chips and Little Debbie snacks, and Coca-cola by the case. As a teenager I decided to become a vegetarian, and despite my parents proclamation "Don't expect us to make a separate dish every night just for you!", it turned into a compromise to find tasty alternatives we could all enjoy. We explored new recipes, found them to be even more satisfying than our old standby's, and never looked back. When I later swore off soda, my parents chose to switch to carbonated water. Although we're all back to eating meat, I didn't even realize this had happened until several years later. One day my mom declared that the reason she'd all lost weight was because of me, and when I looked around, I realized how much healthier my whole family had become. It made me feel all squishy and happy :)
GirlOverboard GirlOverboard 6 years
Berzerker - that's exactly what Fit was asking: If you have INSPIRED others. While Fit's example regarded sitting her mom down and having a talk, you don't necessarily need to be so forward to be an inspiration. Also, when it comes to the people that are close to you, I don't think it's "Nazi"-like to express concern. People that are constantly trying to tell others how to eat or trying to make them feel bad for their food/lifestyle choices, however, are an entirely different matter. My best friend has inspired me to eat better and be more active just by doing so on her own! I don't give her nearly enough credit for that. <3 I'm currently working on trying to be more of an inspiration to my husband by just doing my own thing with my diet instead of giving in whenever he picks a meal that might not be as healthy. For example, if we're going to a friend's house and pizza will be present, I'll eat before we leave or, if we're leaving straight from work, I'll grab a small salad for myself. I'm happy to say it's piqued his curiosity in some of the things I've been trying, like the Overnight Oats and Green Monster Shakes from
cotedazur cotedazur 6 years
I have never really had much luck in convincing others to change their habits. My friends remain seriously addicted to Diet Coke, and my husband refuses to exercise regularly or to cut down on salt. However, I keep up my own diet and exercise routine, and I hope (like Berzerker) that someone will follow my example :) On a side note, be careful of chocolate cravings - they can actually be a symptom of a magnesium deficiency, so consider drinking magnesium-rich spring water or eating more leafy greens, sunflower seeds or beans.
Berzerker Berzerker 6 years
No. I'm sorry, but I don't like being a Nazi and telling people what to do; Regarding them as children unable to make intelligent decisions by themselves. On that note, I inspire, not force: If people want to be like me, they'll copy what I'm doing.
RoniNoone RoniNoone 6 years
I'm so passionate about this I'm making it my life's work!
Spartygirl03 Spartygirl03 6 years
Reading another blog, I noticed the blogger ate McNuggets often, even though she leads an otherwise very healthy life. I asked her about this, wondering why she eats so healthfully most of the time but then eats these nuggets, which are incredibly unhealthy and fake. She did some research, was appalled and decided that she can't eat them anymore. I was SO happy to hear that!
soapbox soapbox 6 years
I come from a very healthy and athletic family so they inspired me more then I inspired them. The most I've done is introduce them to their neighborhood's small farmers who have amazing organic produce.
michlny michlny 6 years
1. parents eat sushi with brown rice, take omega-3 supplements, eat quinoa, joined the gym 2. brother, cut down on dairy, uses almond milk, stopped with fruit juices/gatorade, drinks more water and brewed tea 3. b-friend eats three meals, more fruits and veggies, lots of fish, less simple carbs, more complex carbs, works out and cut down on diet coke
ClassicalTorture ClassicalTorture 6 years
I wish I could inspire better eating habits in my 11-year-old cousin. He's visiting this week. He doesn't eat vegetables and puts way too much salt on everything. He even salted his cheeseburger! He said he thought putting ketchup on it would "dilute" it. *facepalm*
Spectra Spectra 6 years
My neighbor has diverticulosis due to a very poor diet most of her life. She's also quite overweight and doesn't always choose nutritious foods. I've been helping her learn about some healthier options with higher amounts of fiber so she can lose some weight and hopefully avoid surgery on her colon in the future.
sunshinedaydream2706 sunshinedaydream2706 6 years
I started a Biggest Loser "competition" at my school for the staff. I've been running it for three years and it's helped me lots of staff lose weight and has been great motivation for me to lose or maintain my own weight! I always make sure to tell people that everybody's weight loss goal is relative and not to compare themselves to anyone but themselves. For some people, it's not about losing but simply watching what they eat. When you are responsible for checking in at the end of the week, you think twice about what you put in your mouth!
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