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How The Hills' Whitney Port Keeps Her Long Legs Lean

How The Hills' Whitney Port Keeps Her Long Legs Lean

We're always rooting for Lauren Conrad around here, and that's something we have in common with her level-headed best friend Whitney Port. Lauren will have to say goodbye to the easy-going blonde when Whitney leaves her pals on The Hills and moves to New York, where she'll star in the East Coast version of the show, The City. OK! magazine interviewed the up-and-coming fashion designer, and the answers give us a peek into what Whitney is all about.

When asked if she feels pressure to be thin in Hollywood, Whitney gives a relatable answer and says, "Yes and no. There are days that I care more than others. Then there are days where you step back and realize you can't always be so presentable."

To see what Whitney does to stay in shape,


Whitney uses a combination of instructional fitness and self-motivated workouts: "I eat healthy and I work out a couple of times a week with a trainer. I hike a couple of times a week as well." A trainer might not be affordable to all of us, but there are plenty of effective strength exercises we can do on our own, and if there aren't any hills for hiking in your area, try varying the incline on your treadmill.


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