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I know you guys have been working hard at jumpstarting a healthy lifestlye. So since the holidays are here and I'm feeling cheery, Danica Lo (the author of the fabulous book How Not to Look Fat) is giving you, my loyal readers, a gift of a few exclusive tips on how not to look fat during the holidays.

  1. Holiday time is prime time for family photos. To make sure you look your best in the photographs, excuse yourself to 'powder your nose' right beforehand and put on some contouring powder, which will make your face look slimmer (check out the Make-up chapter of the book for tips on how to pick the right color and application techniques). Then, try to get in the center of the picture because, in most camera lenses, standing on the side will make you look distorted and wider. Finally, if all else fails, if someone snaps you at the last minute, just turn slightly so you give the camera a three-quarter-profile -- think Paris Hilton -- a super-slimming photographic pose.
  2. Wear pants or a skirt with a stretchy waistband! You're bound to eat a lot during the holidays, so you want to make sure you don't get bulges above and below a tight waistband.
  3. There's more, so

  4. This time of year is a prime time for wearing bling -- and if you bling up your wrists and fingers, it will draw attention to the slimmest extremities of your body, making your arms look longer and slimmer. Bonus bling tip: If you're not wearing a V-neck (the most slimming neckline), you can simulate a V-neck shape with a necklace with a great pendant.
  5. Layering is the best way to dress for the holidays -- if you've eaten too much, you can even use a looser top layer to cover up a distended tummy! The key to layering, though, is to layer the darker color underneath the lighter color -- it makes you look like you're sinking away from the viewer. If you wear a bright color layer under a darker layer, you'll look like you're bursting out of the top layer!
  6. This is also the perfect time of year to break out those festive special occasion shoes -- just make sure you adhere to the time-tested rule: the thicker the leg, the thicker the heel should be; you don't want your legs to look like corn dogs on sticks!

Awesome Tips Danica, thank you!

Fit's Tip: I definitely love these tips, do you? If so, buy her book How Not to Look Fat ($10.17) on

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