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How to Lose Weight Over the Holidays

7 Ways to Lose Weight This Holiday Season

Maintaining your weight during the holidays is a noble goal, but if you want to go for the gold, then here are seven tips that will have your dropping pounds in no time.

  1. Burn 500 calories a day: If your diet is the same over the holidays, then cutting 500 calories a day can help you shed a pound a week. Here are some ways you can cut 500 calories from your diet without depriving yourself. You can also burn 500 calories with this workout plan that saves time; mix and match your 500-calorie goals for a week, and you'll have saved 3,500 calories.
  2. Have a cheat day — not a cheat week: It can be easy to fall into the holiday gorging trap, but if you want to lose weight, what you eat is most important for weight loss. So while you may want that second glass of eggnog or to eat all the delicious baked goods of the season, keep your diet on track to see results.
  3. Schedule your workout plan: Diet may be very important, but if you want to lose weight, you can't skip your workout. Spend a few moments every Sunday to map out your week, and block out time to work out at least 300 minutes a week.
  4. Have a snack before you go out: A cup of yogurt with fruit or a small salad will help satiate hunger and prevent you from eating everything at the party.
  5. Drink tea every day: A study found that women who drank oolong tea every day for six weeks lost more weight than those who didn't. Green tea also has fat-burning properties, so drink up!
  6. Sleep more: Studies show that people who get adequate amounts of sleep weigh less (and eat less) than those who are sleep-deprived, so make sure you get at least seven hours a night.
  7. Make it intense: You don't have time for an hour-long workout, but that's OK. You can burn more calories in less time, and you'll increase your metabolism as well. Check out our high-intensity interval workout tips for ideas.

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