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How to Make a Healthier Sandwich

Not All Bread Is Created Equal: How to Make a Healthier Sandwich

Brown-bagging your lunch is good for your waist and your wallet, but even if you think your sandwich is the healthiest it can be, sneaky calories can add up. Take a look at your favorite bread, and see if it passes muster by keeping these four tips in mind.

  1. Look for whole grain: Whole grains are diet-friendly because they keep you satisfied for longer and won't cause blood sugar levels to spike. Make sure to always choose bread that is whole grain whenever you make your sandwich.
  2. Know the nutrition count: Calories aren't the only thing you should think about when choosing a food: the amount of fiber, protein, and other nutrients should be a part of your bread-choosing. Choose based on your needs — check out our list of calories and nutrition in different types of bread here.
  3. Check the ingredient list: Even seemingly healthy bread brands can contain high levels of artificial sweeteners or other added sugars or sodium, not too mention a long list of preservatives. Make sure you read the ingredient list after you check the nutrition label to make sure your bread is as healthy as it claims to be on the front.
  4. Go for low-carb: When you're watching your carbs during the day, two slices of bread can add up. Keep carb counts lower by opting for an open-faced sandwich or using a low-carb wrap instead of traditional bread.
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