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How to Make a Healthy Lifestyle Change

It's Not a Diet! Lose Weight With Lifestyle Changes Instead

Whenever you resolve to eat healthier or fewer calories, it can be easy to fall into the diet trap — thinking that you just have to power through for a few weeks eating only lettuce in order to meet your weight goals. But instead of dreading the idea of healthy eating, think of your new goals as a lifestyle change, not a diet, with these tips.

Get creative in the kitchen: When you've resigned yourself to eating the same healthy thing over and over again, you can get bored with your meals pretty easily. If you're apprehensive about trying a new healthy food or you just don't know where to start when it comes to making a healthy meal plan, check out our delicious healthy recipes index for endless ideas.

Don't use ultimatums: Crash dieting sets you up for failure; a better solution is to think of your new eating initiatives as something sustainable. That means that while you may have to cut back on your daily doughnut habit, you shouldn't deprive yourself of your favorite unhealthy foods forever. Have a cheat day or have treat or two, mindfully, so you'll be more apt to stick to your new eating plan.

More tips for staying away from the "diet" mentality after the break.

Eat enough calories: It's one thing to cut down on unneeded calories, but a diet that leaves you constantly hungry is one that can lead to failure. After all, it's hard to resist anything when your stomach is grumbling! Unlike a snack full of empty calories, many fruits and vegetables are full of fiber and can fill you up without exceeding your daily calorie goal. Try these fresh and filling healthy snack ideas to help tide you over until your next meal.

Use tricks to calm cravings. If you're trying to cut back on fatty foods, sugar, or carbs, your taste buds may be in for a shock. It can take a few weeks to wean yourself off the comforting, serotonin-inducing foods that you're used to, so if you find yourself drawn to every bakery display in town, fight your urge to indulge with these tips to help stop sugar and salt cravings.

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