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How to Make Veggies More Appealing

Jazz Up Your Veggies With These Tips

Veggies are one of the healthiest foods we can eat, but they can be a little boring on their own. If they're boring, we're less likely to eat them, so here are some ways to add some pizazz to those veggies.

  • Dip them. Raw veggies aren't the most appealing, so experiment with making healthy dips such as creamy white bean dip or nonfat yogurt dill dip.
  • Add heart-healthy olive oil, herbs, and spices. Just simply roasting veggies in a little oil and your favorite seasonings (I like rosemary and garlic) can bring out a robust flavor.
  • Blanch 'em. Veggies like broccoli can have a strong flavor when raw, so try blanching them. Steam veggies for 30 to 60 seconds, then drop them in cold water.

For more great tips keep reading.

  • Cheese makes everything better. Add a little sprinkle of cheese (not a gallon), and you'll be loving your veggies up. My new fave is goat cheese.
  • Add them to your favorite dishes. I add mushrooms and peppers to pasta dishes, spinach and tomatoes to pizza, and broccoli and peas to mac n' cheese. The veggies take on the flavor of the dish, so you don't even realize you're eating them.
  • Buy the babies. For many veggies including carrots, artichokes, and greens, the younger versions taste fresher and the flavors are more intense, so you may prefer them over the more mature versions.
  • Buy them often. If you're used to going to the grocery store once a week, your veggies can start to go limp by the middle of the week. It's best to pick up produce every few days. That way, you can buy what looks the freshest, and are more likely to eat it before it goes to waste in your fridge.
Join The Conversation
tiff58 tiff58 7 years
LOVE roasted brussel sprouts!
TiVo TiVo 7 years
Mmmm... hummus and veg! I have a comment abou the baby carrots though. I grew some once in my backyard. They grew really easily and were not the size of real carrots. I'm sure a lot is still trimmed off of them for store prep since they were large babies, but these were genetically modified to be small, cute, and delicious!
Giasbash6260 Giasbash6260 7 years
Olive Tapenade is pretty DELICIOUS with vegetables... as is ketchup, tomato paste &/or mustard! :)
danakscully64 danakscully64 7 years
I love roasted veggies! WAY better than raw. Another dip: HUMMUS! Fresh hummus is delicious with veggies.
Spectra Spectra 7 years
Veggies will last a week in your fridge if you store them properly. Carrots will last a month, even. Just make sure that you wash your produce and store it in baggies with a damp paper towel so they don't get limp. I'm also a big fan of roasting veggies to get more flavor out of them. Brussels sprouts and broccoli are AWESOME!
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