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This morning on the bus I realized I was the most loaded person, bag wise. From my purse to my computer bag to my gym and lunch bags, I was a sight to be seen. Carrying one big bag isn't really the answer either. Feeling so over burdened, I thought I would see if there are other fit souls still lugging their gym bags around along with all those other necessities. So what about you guys . . .


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Renar14914112 Renar14914112 3 years
Oh my God! I carry three bags. A bag for my study guide and notebook computer because people DO read and study during their commute to work, a lunch bag because, after all, people DO like to bring home prepped meals to work and finally, yes, the gym bag because good forbid you want to keep fit and active. When people comment about my bags I have quite a few things to say such as "hey, you mean the Kardashians are no longer the subject of conversation. Clearly the gossip mill has stopped turning or your brains has turned to mush if the only intelligent thing you have to talk about is my bags...." Then I laugh and walk
Spectra Spectra 9 years
Just my purse and my lunch bag :)
Kelly-O Kelly-O 9 years
I have two - my medium sized purse and a tote. Right now I'm just using a canvas bag for the tote, but I would like to get something that looks a little nicer. I toss my sneakers and lunch in the tote too, so if I walk at lunch I have comfy shoes.
ER1008 ER1008 9 years
I downsized from 3 to 2 bags. My gym bag and lunch bag. I used to carry a purse on top of that but now throw my wallet and a few other things into my gym bag...but man is it heavy! Especially on the mornings I go to the gym before work and have makeup, hair stuff, etc.
ElissaM ElissaM 9 years
I carry my laptop and files in one bag, my large pocket book and a tote bag with gym shoes, lunch, socks, etc. I walk 5+ blocks to work so it's always fun to steady all those bags while carrying an umbrella :)
kimmbot kimmbot 9 years
Two - my purse, and a tote bag with my indoor shoes, lunch, book, water bottle, etc. in it. My gym bag lives in my car, being brought in to swap out clothes. I tend to keep a stocked gym bag in my car for spontaneous gym urges.
emalove emalove 9 years
My purse, my lunch bag, and my tote bag (filled with my grade books, student papers, IEPs...lots and lots of paperwork!).
lizrocks lizrocks 9 years
No bags for me. I carry 4 things: phone keys sunglasses small wallet
julieulie julieulie 9 years
Just my laptop bag. I toss my wallet and cell phone in the laptop bag, and a yogurt and an apple for lunch. I have a 20-25 minute walk each way to work, so I can't really be too loaded down, or my shoulders start to ache and I already have enough shoulder problems from all the years of competitive fencing.
alillee alillee 9 years
I bring my purse and my backpack so I can do homework during downtime!
ElectroPopTart ElectroPopTart 9 years
How ANNOYING is it to carry three bags to work! I have my everyday man-bag, my gym bag, my lunch/snack bag, AND my gym shoes!!! It's so funny leaving in the morning because my sister and I work at the same place so we both have all these things, plus her purse. OH DEAR! It's like we're leaving town or something.
dd-sugar dd-sugar 9 years
I've had the bag lady comments as well but feel I am making some progress lately. I downsized my gym bag because frankly I was tired of shoving it in the little lockers at the gym. I'm also patiently waiting on a new purse that has a compartment for lunch. Can't tell you how many times my lunch has gone bad when trying to save space, I tucked it away somewhere. Finally I'm thinking of the one big bag solution but don't want to invest a lot if it doesn't go well. I may try a big, inexpensive Target work bag which looks nice enough for work, has padding for a notebook, and is very lightweight. I priced them yesterday around $25. I have so much tension in my shoulders it may not work for me though.
Kristinh1012 Kristinh1012 9 years
I feel bad for everyone. I only carry my purse, which is usually big enough for me to fit anything extra that I want to carry. And I work out at home so no need to lug anything else anywhere.
SummerBaby SummerBaby 9 years
just my purse :)
smarler smarler 9 years
I carry just two - my work bag and my lunch bag. I've stopped carrying a purse altogether at work, and just slip my wallet and phone into my work bag. No reason to add another one to the mix.
millarci millarci 9 years
OMG! I thought I was alone on this! lol! I look like the bag lady going to work. I have my gym bag, purse, and lunch bag. Every once in awhile I have my computer bag and camera bag. It's awful!
Katikins Katikins 9 years
Purse Lunch Bag Gym Bag Sometimes I have my Sigg bottle or a file folder for work too! My husband calls me the bag lady. I'm sure he means that in a good way...right? ;)
AMP AMP 9 years
i only need my purse. i dont lug a computer around and i stop home before hitting the gym. i used to work with a girl who had 3-4 bags with her at all times though. it was insane watching her lug them around.
SmallTownFab SmallTownFab 9 years
I'm lucky in a way because we live in the middle of no where and the gym near us my hubby went and bought me work out equiptment for home. But i still have my purse, lunch bag and messenger bag for my laptop....and my laptop is huge and ancient and weighs a ton! my boss has told me that he is getting me a new one and i have asked for a little 13". that way i can fit it inside most of my larger purses.
gigill gigill 9 years
I carry two - a lunchbag and my purse. Does it count as 3/4 if I carry some squished up plastic/tote bags for grocery shopping in my purse as well? :)
GrapeBubbleGum GrapeBubbleGum 9 years
I carry 3...sometimes 4. One morning while I was walking into work, a woman who was passing me on the street commented on how many bags I had. It was a little embarrassing.
fashionhore fashionhore 9 years
I make sure everything I need fits into one bag otherwise I downsize.
aanyanka aanyanka 9 years
1- small handbag 2- gym bag 3- lunch bag(contains lunch and a 2 liter pitcher of water) 4- laptop case 5- work bag (full of articles and work stuff) Sometimes I stuff #1 into #5 It's a bit of a workout just carrying all of that stuff!
aimeeb aimeeb 9 years
Two. :)
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