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How Many Calories Are Burned by Spring Activities

Spring Into Action and Guess the Calories Burned!

Ah, Spring, I'm so glad you're here. After all those short Winter days, I'm anxious to hop on my bike and enjoy the evening sun. But cycling is just one of many ways to get moving and burn off those lingering cold-weather calories. So take my quiz and see if you know how many calories a 130-pound woman burns doing these springtime activities.


Spring Into Action and Guess the Calories Burned!

About how many calories does a 130-pound woman burn in 30 minutes of bike riding?

Join The Conversation
insanitypepper insanitypepper 8 years
2/6 It's a good thing I don't weigh 130 pounds.
Jess8902 Jess8902 8 years
Wow, I sucked at this.
CarmenP CarmenP 8 years
I agree with the comments above, but it gives a general idea of the amount of calories you can burn with the activities.
darc5204 darc5204 8 years
I with the previous comments. The "correct" answer here isn't necessarily correct or even the closest, which made the quiz much less fun than usual.
Soniabonya Soniabonya 8 years
i agree with the above 2 comments, but it's a fun quiz to get a relative idea. worked for a couple hours in the garden yesterday. dug a huge hole to plant my fig tree. now i'm noticing aches in muscles that i haven't felt in a looooong time.
DeviousMuse DeviousMuse 8 years
I agree with misskacie -- the questions are very generalized and not giving enough specifics.
misskacie misskacie 8 years
Hmm, way too general. I thrive on accuracy. What kind of cycling? How intense of a hike, and what kind of incline?
LaurenG22 LaurenG22 8 years
Oh, yay! I always walk the gold course with my hubby!
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