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How Many Calories Do You Burn in 1 Hour of Snowboarding?

Depending on what kind of snowboarder you are, will determine whether or not it's a work out or just a day out.

  • Maybe you're just learning and spending more time on your butt than on your feet.
  • Maybe you've been out lots of times and you're practicing stopping and turning.
  • Or maybe you've been snowboarding for practically your whole life and you're working on your tricks.

Whatever level you're at, you're still working your butt off. How many calories do you think you burn in 1 hour?

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Jaxfit Jaxfit 8 years
Depending on the intensity. You can burn up to 1200 Calories an hour running. If your knee deep in powder sweating like crazy and feel your heart pounding, I'm pretty sure that 450 would be the minimal amount of calories burnt.It's like every workout-the harder you work, the more your burn.If your just learning, spending most of your time sitting, your muscles are probably burning more calories if your cold compared to the exercise that your doing...There are so many factors involved in calculating calories and are so body specific, I wouldn't worry about the amount-Just enjoy the snow :) Jax
DStirk DStirk 10 years
How many calories do you burn if when you're snowboarding, you spend the entire time face planted in the snow?
Fitness Fitness 10 years
Want to know the answer? You burn a whopping 450 calories snowboarding. Who knew?
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