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Do You Know How Many Calories Are in a Glass of Wine?

While higher alcohol consumption might not be the best thing for weight loss, there are actually many benefits to drinking a glass of wine, including improved memory, lower chances of stroke, and lowered heart attack risk. A glass of red wine might even be good for your digestion and help the bacteria in your gut!

Here's how a glass fits into your daily calorie count. Keep in mind that each gram of alcohol has seven calories per gram, so the higher the alcohol content, the higher the calories (for reference: a gram of fat has nine calories, and a gram of protein or carbohydrates each have four calories). While alcohol is not an essential macronutrient, it will contribute to your overall caloric intake.

Variety Serving (oz) Calories
Rosé 5 126
Red 5 125
White 5 121
Sparkling 5 113
Dessert 3.5 72
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