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We Know You Were Asking, So This Is How Many Olympic Medals Lindsey Vonn Has

Image Source: Getty / Millo Moravski/Agence Zoom

The 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics have already been pretty eventful for Team USA. Phenomenal figure skater Adam Rippon was the first openly gay American athlete to compete in the Winter Olympics, and Mirai Nagasu was the first American woman to nail a triple axel at the Olympics. We know this is just the beginning, though, so we have our sights set on many other American athletes to shatter expectations and break records.

Skier Lindsey Vonn is one athlete in particular we can't take our eyes off of. She's dealt with some serious injuries in the past, which sadly stopped her from competing in the 2014 Olympics, but she's back this year in South Korea — and she's stronger than ever.

We know she's iconic. We know she's badass. But exactly how many Olympic medals does Lindsey have in her pocket currently? If you've been wondering this same question, here's your answer: two. She won a bronze medal in the super giant slalom and a gold medal in downhill skiing, both at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics.


The 2018 Olympics are still underway, so we're not sure what the outcome will be in Pyeongchang yet. But we have high hopes that she will bring home lots of gold! Tune in to NBC to watch Lindsey and the rest of Team USA compete their hearts out.

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