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Healthy Recipes
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How to Be More Active in a New Relationship

Staying Fit in a New Relationship

New relationships can be a source of much bliss, but they can also wreak havoc on your exercise routine. Where you used to rush to the gym after work can be replaced with fancy dinners and drinks, which may not be the best for your waistline (and the one physical activity you may be getting a lot of doesn't burn as many calories as you might think).

But a new relationship doesn't have to be spent on the couch. Here are some tips for working out as a couple.

  • Get competitive. A little friendly competition never hurt, even in a fresh new relationship, and it can help push yourself further than what you are used to. Fit couple Josh Duhamel and Fergie are fans of this tactic; Josh says Fergie will challenge him to go "one more mile" in order to keep workouts fun and motivate each other.
  • Learn something new together. Taking a class where both of you are newbies can make for even more bonding time. When I first tried out yoga I convinced my boyfriend to sign up for a beginner's pass with me. It got us off the couch, and we both had a blast trying out new classes and making fun of each other.
  • Plan something active on the weekend. Is most of your free time spent in a restaurant or a movie theater? Plan to swap one of those activities with something active on the weekend, whether it be a hike or a simple visit to the farmers market (bonus: couple's cooking time!)

How did you healthfully navigate a new relationship?

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myhousemd myhousemd 6 years
My bf and I always hang out at the mall for hours and hours. We're walking the whole time, so it keeps us pretty active! lol!
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