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How to Motivate to Run After Work

4 Ways to Motivate For an Evening Run

Morning runners may get their workouts out of the way, but Summer is the perfect time for a cool evening run. Here's how to motivate to get jogging after work instead of heading for the couch.

If you're tired: Heat, humidity, and hectic days can make it difficult to look forward to a run after work. To help motivate you to get out there, use a few tricks to re-energize. Drinking lots of water or an iced coffee or eating a pre-workout snack in the afternoon can be all you need to get back on track. Check out more ways to energize before a run here.

If you're busy: Between dinners with friends and entertaining out-of-school kids, your Summer calendar is filling up fast. But if you find that you're skipping out on your runs because your evenings fill with errands and events, it's time to make your fitness a priority. Put your runs on the calendar so you know that you're busy that night, and do your dinner prep beforehand so when you get home it's a cinch to make. You can also schedule after-work events a little later so you can fit in a quick run at the gym before you head out.


If you don't want to run at night: Longer days mean now's the best time to begin an evening run habit. Try to go on the earlier side so you still have daylight to accompany you at the end of your run. Even so, make sure you stay safe during dusk by running in well-lit areas, and wearing bright, reflective clothing. Read more of our tips for running safely in the evening here.

If you don't have an excuse: Just not feeling it after work? It's time to enlist a friend to help. Join a running club that meets after work or find a workout buddy who has similar goals so you can each motivate each other when you are falling off the running wagon. Signing up for a race and a training club will also help you get past your excuses. Here are a few fun women-specific running races we love!

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