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How Much Weight Did Kirstie Alley Lose?

Kirstie Alley's DWTS Weight Loss Tally: 38 Inches

Now that DWTS is over, everyone is, as usual, talking weight loss. This time the weight-loss winner is Kirstie Alley; earlier in the season, the actress claimed that she was a size four-six, the result of losing 60 pounds before the show (which she's said was due to diet supplements that she endorses).

To show off her success, Kirstie even wore the same dress on her final dance that she wore in the very first episode, tailored to fit her now that she lost the weight. "My dress is half the size it was when we started," she saidreportedly lost a total of 38 inches.

The actress, while she has yet to announce an official weight-loss figure while on the TV show, tweeted that she had lost over 10 pounds only about two weeks into the show. Some of that was the result of a 1,400-calorie diet even while working out five to seven hours a day. Not fueling your body enough during a grueling workout is the opposite of sustainable and healthy weight loss — you'll have no energy and lose muscle mass, and restricting calories can lead to a slower metabolic rate. Even Kirstie agreed; she said she was upping her calorie intake after falling and feeling dizzy from low blood-sugar earlier this month.

Regardless of how much or how she lost the weight, she's has shown how fun it can be to dance the pounds off! Are you happy for Kirstie's weight-loss success?

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ameerah26 ameerah26 6 years
She was not a size 4-6 at the beginning on the show- she is flat out lining about that. I am a size 8 and she was at LEAST 30lbs heavier than me. As of now I would say she is a size 8.
laurenislost laurenislost 6 years
It is hard to believe anyone that says they workout 5-7 hours a day and only eats 1400 calories
Ugh, she is never honest about her weight or her weight maintenance/loss regimen. So I don't believe a word of this article.
onlysourcherry onlysourcherry 6 years
Uh I'm a size four/six and i do NOT look like that!
fauxcat fauxcat 6 years
What? I'm thoroughly confused by this story. She said she was a size four-six? Is that between a 4 and a 6 (and thus a giant lie), or size 46? Is the pic a before and after? Is it supposed to be of the same altered dress? And the article that you linked to says that she lost 38 inches TOTAL from the altered dress, not just in the waist.
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