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How Often Do You Weigh Yourself?

The numbers on the scale are not the end all, be all in tracking the health of your body. However it does seem to be the easiest, most convenient, and most familiar. You might have a love/hate relationship with the scale, but I am wondering . . .


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Witchy-Ways Witchy-Ways 9 years
Everyday, I've become a little obsessed I guess. I realize that this is probably not the right way or heathly but I can't really stop watching my weight everyday.
luvhouse07 luvhouse07 9 years
too often :[ 2x a day, at least
disheveled disheveled 9 years
It really differs for me... sometimes I weigh myself about once a week, but then I can go months without stepping on the scale. I've never been one to weigh myself daily, though.
mrskrismendoza mrskrismendoza 9 years
Very rarely.
CoronaLove CoronaLove 9 years
I voted anually. I still fit into my high school skinny jeans. As soon as those stop fitting me maybe I will start weighing myself.
ovenmitt ovenmitt 9 years
i don't weigh myself, i measure. once a week i run my measuring tape around my waist, hips, thighs, arms, and neck. since i started i've lost 16.5 inches. however today i went to the doctor and had to weigh in. i asked her to check my august number when i was last there. i had gone down 21.2 pounds. i am absolutely elated. i beat myself up for not trying hard enough when all along i've been slowly (and permanently) changing my habits. i'm happy with not weighing and just measuring from now on :)
joanna33t joanna33t 9 years
I am along the same lines as Sarah430. I know it's different for everyone and we all have to do what's right for us. Since I'm a big eater, I'll often gain weight very easily, even if I'm making smart food choices. While dieting, I weighed myself every day (got down from 140 to about 122 over 9 LONG months). When maintaining my weight, I weigh in every 2 or 3 days. I keep myself in a healthy range of 120-125 (I'm 5'4"). While I don't have too much trouble keeping above 120, I will very often "creep up," like other people have said, above the 125 mark. Consistent weigh ins help me to curb weight gain before it gets out of control. If I know I've had a few weigh in's at 127 or so, I just skip some desserts, walk a little more, drink more water, etc. Little changes! I love this lifestyle because it doesn't rule my life and yet it keeps me where I want to be. Like I said, I totally understand that everyone's body is different and we all have to do what's right for us, but I do recommend checking in with the scale. My scale is my buddy now! And the "range" approach gives me a bit of a cushion and keeps me off the path of being totally obsessive.
pookietrue pookietrue 9 years
I weigh daily and it works for me. Something doesn't become obsessive unless you are letting it be. I find it a heathly way to keep track of my weight trends. If I see it creeping up, I can get on it quickly. It is part of my daily routine and is interesting to see how the things I eat/alcohol/time of the month effect your water-weight. When I wasn't weighing myself often is when I got into trouble. I could gain weight and convince myself it was the dryer that shrunk my pants, it wasn't.
emelina02 emelina02 9 years
depends, i know myself very well i can guess what is my weight
Nemesisb4 Nemesisb4 9 years
every day that I go to the gym, which lately has been a lot
XSofieX XSofieX 9 years
I think that weighing yourself that much is completely absurd, its more about your shape and "volume" than weight! I used to be really skinny with a BMI of 16 but now its 17,2 and I weigh like 125 which makes no sense since my clothes are much looser now yet I weight more and more... so if I trusted the scales then I'd be very depressed right now!
TatTat TatTat 9 years
I weigh myself daily and proud of it. I think that it helps me maintain my weight so that I am aware of my weight. I read in women's health magazine that people who weigh themselves daily are more likely not to gain weight.
tigra tigra 9 years
it used to be daily but i got depressed about having even a slight weight gain and then started to avoid the scale to the point where i gained quite a bit. now i'm trying to take the weight back off and am only weighing myself once a week or every two weeks.
simplycutebecka simplycutebecka 9 years
Since I am currently "dieting" I weight in daily. It gives me more focus each day. To like drink more water or know I HAVE to workout today! At the end of seven days I average each days weight to see my actual lose for the week.
laluna27 laluna27 9 years
Daily is crazy! And really OCD. No good can come from obsessing about your weight that much.
kiwitwist kiwitwist 9 years
every two weeks. Weighing daily and weekly is depressing. I find every two weeks to be perfect. You have a bigger number weightloss.
VennieB VennieB 9 years
once a year...*maybe* the doctor's office. i don't own a scale. i'd much rather gauge my weight by how well my favorite jeans fit, than some numbers on a hunk of metal.
darlene darlene 9 years
daily, I'm trying to lose weight
anna_muffin anna_muffin 9 years
I don't even have a scale.
kythera kythera 9 years
I don't have a scale, but I do check when I go over a friend's house(that has one). I don't judge my body because I've never really had issues with it. I just like to see what I weigh once in a while. Ya know, just in case I have to change my license.
msb33 msb33 9 years
I weigh myself anytime I am at a place that has a scale. I've just never gotten around to purchasing one.
skgandhi skgandhi 9 years
I think that by weighing ourselves daily we can maintain a healthy weight. Some might thinks its obsessive, but I think that if we wait a week and slipped on our weight, it would be harder to get back to our normal weight. If we do a daily measure then we can stay on top of it.
Leilanic1 Leilanic1 9 years
i used to never weigh myself. I used to go by how my clothes fit and not really worry about it. then i set a goal of wanting to get to certain weight now i've become a bit obessessive about weighing myself...i've been doing it every day. i hate it but its like a train wreck you can't help but look.
lala788 lala788 9 years
once in a blue moon :) i don't remember the last time i weigh myself , i like how my clothes fit me.
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