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How Often Should You Weigh Yourself? Take Harley Pasternak's Pro Advice

If you're on a weight-loss journey, one of the first things you might think to do is weigh yourself. Then the question becomes how often you should weigh yourself, what time of day you should do it, etc. But renowned trainer, nutritionist, and New York Times bestselling author Harley Pasternak wants you to step off the scale and chill for a minute.

In a recent Instagram post, Harley got in front of the camera to talk about how often you should be weighing yourself. "I'm not a big fan," he said right off the bat. In fact, he doesn't even have a scale in his office for his clients to use, and in all 25 years of his practice, he's never weighed a client.

That's not because he's not fully invested in helping people lose weight and get healthy. "I'm more focused on 'how do you feel' and 'how do you look,'" he continued. Because if you feel good and you look good, then "what you weigh is completely irrelevant."


Harley is begging you to take your focus away from the number on the scale, and instead focus on all the things you "have direct control over," like how many steps you're getting in every day, how many hours of sleep you get each night, and also how much good food you're feeding yourself with. These are the things you have control over, and these are the things you should think about first and foremost. Harley says if you eat better, move more, and sleep well, you'll lose weight — and if that number on the scale needs to change, it eventually will.

Sounds good to us! Now, please excuse us while we throw all our scales in the garbage.

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