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How People's Comments Cause Weight Gain

Don't Let Comments Like These Lead to Weight Gain

Eating right and exercising regularly are tough on their own, but in the era of super sizing, staying on track has become an even greater challenge. We've devised a few simple strategies for handling everyday comments and questions that can add to the problem. These tips should help you stay off the slippery slope in many situations, from the diner to the office.

  • "You want fries with that?" Um yeah, obviously — who wants to pass up those delicious bites of salty goodness? Even though your entree comes with fries, ask if you can substitute a side salad or steamed veggies instead.
  • "It's my birthday and I made cupcakes!" You don't want to rain on the birthday girl's parade, but just because she's gained a year doesn't mean you need to gain a pound. Politely turn her down by saying your belly hurts, or if you feel bad fibbing, take one and give it away to another co-worker.
  • "Cookies are buy one get one free." You only intended to grab one cookie for yourself, but it's so hard to pass up a deal! You may be saving money by buying more, but you're definitely not saving calories.

Read on for more comments that can lead to weight gain.

  • "This bacon cheeseburger is amazing. You have to try a bite." Of course you want to try a bite. You actually wanted one all to yourself, but you knew the salad with grilled chicken was a healthier choice, which is the reason you ordered it instead of a greasy burger. It's OK to indulge here and there, but remember, even those small bites add up.
  • "Do you want mayo on your sandwich?" When ordering a sammie from your local deli, every add-on increases your meal's calorie count. Keep in mind that mayonnaise, cheese, aioli, Russian dressing, and bacon can add a hundred calories or more, so don't just say yes because it's offered.
  • "Want to have a look at the dessert menu?" Oh geez, why does the waitress have to tempt me? As if I could just look at all those desserts and not want to order one of everything something. As if that's not bad enough, the friend you're dining with throws you a line like this . . .
  • "The pumpkin cheesecake here is incredible. Want to split a slice?" Sweet, so I'll only consume 370 calories instead of the full 740. It's hard to pass up something that sounds so delicious, so agree to share the dessert, but savor a couple bites and let your friend enjoy the rest.
  • "Oh forget the gym for once. Come grab a drink with us after work." Although it's tempting to skip the workout, would you feel better about burning 300 calories in an hour-long Zumba class, or consuming the same amount after one margarita? Smile and say you'll meet them afterward.
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Jenny-Sugar Jenny-Sugar 5 years
I agree. Everything in moderation is key!
Bettye-Wayne Bettye-Wayne 5 years
This is great advice, but I'm all about eating healthy 90% of the time and keeping a steady workout routine so I don't have to skip special occasions. Mental health is just as important to me as physical health, and birthday cupcakes make me *very* happy.
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