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How to Pick the Right Exercise Class For You

There are many reasons to love taking a group fitness class; it can help teach you correct form, give structure to your workout routine, or push you further than you would if you exercised by yourself. But sometimes starting a new class isn't just about showing up. Here are a few tips on how to find the right exercise class for you.

Poll your friends. So, you've got your routine down — make it to the usual weekday class, or always manage to hit Saturday morning spinning — but you may be missing out on other options. Ask your group of friends to see what their favorites are and go with them to a class or two. You may find a new exercise obsession or at least switch up your routine or work a new set of muscles.

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Jump on those deals. There's always a Bikram yoga or Pilates package deal somewhere. Keep on top of daily deal sites that feature reduced prices or unlimited classes on the cheap. You'll be able to test a couple places until you find the right fit.


Make a date to try something new. Check your gym or studio's schedule and pick something that matches your interests and skill level. Put it on your calendar so you can plan around it. And once there, remember that you can't judge a whole new class genre just on one teacher alone. If you don't like your instructors but like the general idea, try another time slot to see if you like it more.

Once you've found a few classes that you want to try, make sure you get there a little early to suss out the studio, find out how to use the equipment, or ask any questions. It can help to tell your teacher that you are new so she'll explain moves or help you with any beginner modifications. And don't forget to know your limits, whether it's yoga or Zumba class, so you don't risk getting an injury.

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