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How to Plan a Healthy Fitness Routine

Renew Your Fitness Goals With These Small Changes

June marks the middle of the year and is a fitting month to reevaluate your fitness routine and aim to work a little harder. (It's bikini season, after all!) Renew your health and fitness goals this week by committing to small, but effective changes. Here are some suggestions to get you started.

  1. Undertake an extra long workout — Plan an after-work hike in the fresh Summer air, challenge yourself to run an extra mile, or sign up for 90-minute yoga class instead of the usual hour-long class. You may feel rushed all week, but schedule a long workout like you would a social or work engagement to make it happen.
  2. Plan your meals for the week — Keep unhealthy snacking and greasy takeout to a minimum by mapping out your food plan for the week. Try these handy meal-planning tips from Self magazine to make it possible.
  3. Aim to get more out of your trip to the gym — Don't waste any time or effort at the gym with these efficient workout tips for working smarter, not harder.

Keep reading for more tips.

  1. Work off that wine — Weekend happy hours are fun, but overindulging never makes anyone happy. Try a fun activity inspired by the wine-loving crew on Cougar Town that will help you burn off your liquid calories.
  2. Wake up and exercise — Commit to an early morning run or class and reap the benefits of finishing your workout earlier in the day. If you have trouble waking yourself up, use these motivational tips.
  3. Try a new DVD or OnDemand workout— If you're stuck inside or pressed for time between social events grab your remote and challenge yourself to try a new DVD or fitness program. Take advantage of your privacy and work extra hard (no one will see those funny faces) or switch between workouts if you get bored. Just be sure to stretch before and after as you would at the gym or in a class.
  4. Sleep more to drop those extra pounds — A recent study suggests that when you sleep less, you typically consume about 300 calories more per day. Plan your week so that you go to bed earlier than usual so you can get more sleep this week.

Got a healthy tip for staying motivated and healthy all week? Share it in comments.

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