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How to Prevent Jet Lag

3 Ways to Prevent Jet Lag Before You Get on a Plane

Nothing says Summer like a warm-weather vacation, but chances are if you've got epic travel plans in the near future, your trip with include a bit of dreaded jet lag. Flying through time zone after time zone can wreak havoc on your body, from feeling swollen and bloated to being irritated, foggy-headed, and sleep-deprived. But what you do before can help make sure you're ready as soon as you hit the tarmac.

Drink water. Dehydration is a serious cause of jet lag. Make sure you spend the day drinking lots of water before you board the plane, and don't stop once you're there; stock up on those little bottles when the flight attendant passes through so you can regularly hydrate during your trip.

Check out two more prevention tips after the break.

Exercise. A good workout the day of your flight can get you prepared in many ways. You'll be releasing relaxing hormones to prepare you for any travel stress, as well as stretching out your muscles before you spend hours curled up in an unnatural position. And tiring out your body before you hop on a plane is the perfect way to encourage a good night's sleep.

Refrain from caffeine. Coffee and tea may be calling your name, but the caffeine packs a double punch in the jet-lagged realm. Not only is caffeine dehydrating, but it can keep you up on a long flight — time that would be best spent sleeping. Another reason to stop any caffeine intake a few days before your big flight — if you need to stay up when you land your body will respond better to a caffeinated pick-me-up if you haven't had any caffeine in a few days.

Of course, once you arrive at your destination, be sure to fight the Zs until it's bedtime — napping will only keep you from getting on a fatigue-free schedule. Check out more tips for preventing jet lag while en route and tell us your jet lag prevention secret!

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