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Tactics That Prevent Overeating: Do These Work For You?

Aug 3 2014 - 2:30am

We've all stuffed ourselves silly once in a while; it's bound to happen sometimes. Saying no during holidays, weddings, or family-style dinners at Grandma's can be challenging. When you're trying to drop a few, portion control is tough but essential. Read through, and share whether these 10 techniques would prevent you from overeating.

Chewing Gum

Sometimes your mouth just needs to keep busy, and chewing gum or sucking on candy does the trick. Does it help you?

Filling Up on Water

Drinking water throughout the day can stave off hunger cravings, and sipping a big glass while eating can also help you feel full faster. Do you drink water to prevent overdoing it during meals?

Eating a Salad Before the Entrée

Noshing on a salad before dinner offers fiber to fill you up, which can help curb your urge to stuff yourself once you get to the entrée. Is this a helpful tactic for you?

Downsizing Your Dinnerware

Using smaller bowls and plates means smaller serving sizes, which means you're less likely to engorge at the table. Does this work for you?

Eating Slower and Taking Smaller Bites

Taking the time to really savor each little bite will allow your brain time to recognize when you're full, which can help you push the plate away before devouring everything on it. Does eating slower and taking small bites prevent you from overeating?

Wearing Fitted Clothes

A slim-fitting outfit is a great reminder to keep track of how many calories you're consuming — much better than a pair of yoga pants and a baggy shirt that expands with your belly. Does your outfit keep you from overeating?

Throwing Away Leftovers

Whether you went out for Italian or just baked a batch of cookies, you can throw extras out after getting your fill — if it's in the garbage, you can't overeat it, right? It may seem a little extreme, but it definitely works for some, especially if you pour salt or dish soap over it first! How about you?

Limiting the Alcohol

Not only do alcoholic beverages rack up hundreds of calories, but also, getting a little tipsy can impair your judgement, lower your guard, and make you more likely to say yes to that strawberry cheesecake even though you're already stuffed. Do you limit those glasses of wine and cosmos to prevent overdoing it on the food?

Sharing a Dish

Sharing an entrée or dessert means consuming half the calories. If you don't have someone to share it with, then you can always box up the rest and save it for tomorrow.

Brushing Your Teeth

Your minty-fresh breath and the laziness of not wanting to brush your teeth again could be enough to deter you from noshing at night. Does this work for you?

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