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How to Prevent Tired, Achy, and Cracked Feet

Start Now to Prevent Achy, Tired, and Sore Feet This Summer

Whether your feet are sore from a long run or a night on the dance floor, there's one thing for certain — achy, throbbing feet can put a damper on your day, not to mention your workout. With Spring in full swing and Summer fast approaching, chances are you'll be using your feet more and more, whether it's a steady stream of weekend hiking or enjoying the outdoors with longer runs. But before you break out the sandals, check out these tips for making sure you are taking care of those oft-neglected body parts.

  • Roll with it. Use an ice-cold water bottle or a fuzzy tennis ball (or buy a Rubz ball) to roll on the bottoms of your feet for the perfect remedy after a long hike or run, or even just from standing for too long. Doing this along with a regular stretching routine will help prevent any overuse injuries.
  • Stop the flop. With the weather warming up, you may find yourself reaching for your flip-flops, but reserve them for the gym shower. Flip-flops lack support for your arches and Achilles tendon, and they also cause your muscles to work overtime in an awkward way. Toes need some air? Check out these feet-friendly sandal options.
  • Heal your heels. Dry heels can lead to painful heel fissures, which can prevent you from being able to exercise the way you want to (no one wants to endure painful cracked heels while they run!). Summer is prime time for cracked heels since our feet are more exposed to the dry air, so take time and develop your heel healing routine before it's sandal weather.
  • Groom correctly. Long toenails aren't just gross to look at, they can cause problems while you're running by cutting into skin around it, but short nails can be a hassle too — they can become ingrown and painful, which also limits your exercising capabilities. Make sure you groom your nails carefully before you have to deal with these issues.
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