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How to Prevent Type 2 Diabetes

5 Ways to Prevent Type 2 Diabetes

As he aged, my grandfather developed type 2 diabetes, and since the disease can be hereditary, I've become especially aware of ways I can prevent it. The condition occurs when your pancreas doesn't produce enough insulin, or if your body doesn't recognize insulin and is unable to use it properly. If you're worried about developing type 2 diabetes, here are five things you can do to help prevent it.

  1. Since obesity plays a big role in developing type 2 diabetes, maintain a healthy weight by eating appropriate portion sizes.
  2. Get moving. Exercise not only prevents obesity, but it also improves your body's use of insulin.
  3. Go for whole grains. Research shows that a diet rich in whole grains such as brown rice, quinoa, and oatmeal can reduce a person's risk for type 2 diabetes.

For the last two prevention techniques, keep on reading.

  1. Get your blood pressure checked. If it's high, talk to your doctor about ways to lower it through diet, exercise, or possibly medication.
  2. Limit your alcohol intake. One or less drinks per day is considered a healthy amount, but if your alcohol consumption is high, your risk for type 2 diabetes increases. Beer and wine contain carbs that may raise your blood sugar levels, and alcohol also increases blood pressure.

Tell me, are you worried about developing type 2 diabetes?

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