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Work From Home Without Gaining a Pound

There are tons of perks to working from home: the short commute from bedroom to home office, limited exposure to germs from coughing co-workers, and taking calls in your PJs. These perks are great, but when it comes to your health, working from home could be your downfall. You may be tempted to snack all day long since your kitchen is steps away. It's also tough to motivate yourself to leave your comfy house to exercise. Here are some suggestions for working from home without gaining weight.

  • Wake up and put on your sports bra and sneaks. Wearing exercise gear (instead of your cozy jammies) will motivate you to work out.
  • Schedule a time to exercise and stick to it. Write it down in your planner and think of your workout as an appointment you can't miss. If it's tough to break away once your work day begins, exercise before work. Better yet, make a fitness date with a neighbor so you won't be tempted to sleep in.
  • Take regular breaks from work to do some strength training moves and stretches. Keep a set of weights and a yoga mat in your home office. Since no one is around, you won't feel silly doing some bicep curls or Sun Salutations.
  • If you have more than one bathroom, use the one that's the farthest away, preferably one that's on a different floor so you have to climb stairs. A few extra steps throughout the day really start to add up.

Keep reading for more tips.

  • Pack a healthy lunch the night before so you're less tempted to raid the entire fridge.
  • Take time away from your desk for meals and snacks. You'll feel more satisfied after eating, which will prevent cravings throughout the day.
  • Don't keep snacks at your desk. You're more likely to eat mindlessly without realizing how much you're consuming.
  • Don't keep foods in the house that you can't resist.
  • If you have a dog, treat your pup to a 15-minute brisk walk, rather than letting him do his business in your fenced-in yard. You'll both benefit from the fresh air and will end up burning 52 calories.
  • Get active with household chores. Take five minutes here and there to do a little sweeping, vacuuming, dusting, or yard work. It's a great way to give your tush a break from your chair and burn some calories.
  • Keep regular hours. Even though you have no commute, make sure your work day has a beginning and ending time. It'll reduce stress, allow for time to prepare healthy meals (instead of ordering takeout), and give you time to rest, which all help to prevent weight gain.
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