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How to Reduce Sugar and Salt Cravings

How to Reduce Your Sugar and Salt Cravings

It's an endless cycle: satiating your salt and sugar cravings can end up with you just wanting more. Once our taste buds get used to sugary or salty foods, it's hard to cut back. Since most of us are eating way more than the recommended daily values for sugar (six teaspoons of added sugar a day) and salt (1500 to 2300 mg a day) — not to mention the sugar and salt levels hiding in processed foods — cutting back on these addictive ingredients is important.

You can put me in the over-salter group. Whether it's a stir-fry or chips and salsa, I find myself craving salty foods all the time. Lately, however, I've been trying to cut back on my sodium intake, and I've been realizing just how hard it can be.

Are you also a big fan of salt or sugar? Read on for some tips that have helped me cut my cravings.

  • Don't eat out as much. Cooking at home means you know exactly what's going into a meal, and that includes how many extra spoonfuls of sugar and salt. Restaurants, on the other hand, are notorious for loading up dishes with salt or sugar-laden sauces, so try to limit the amount of times you eat out if you're worried about your salt and sugar intake.
  • Replace foods with less sugary or salty options. If you're weaning your salty or sugary diet down to acceptable levels, replacing your normal diet with a lower-sodium or less-sweet one can be a shock to your taste buds. Try switching out a daily dessert with a small piece of chocolate or fruit, or use spices instead of salt to flavor your foods.
  • Dig deeper. Extreme cravings can mean a larger issue is at play, like a mineral imbalance or other condition, so if you feel like your cravings can't be explained by your diet, you may want to talk to your doctor. Keep track of whether you're getting the right nutrients as well; it may turn out that you are dehydrated or aren't eating as many nutrients as you need to.

Any more suggestions for weaning yourself off a diet overloaded with salt or sugar?

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SkinnyCoach SkinnyCoach 6 years
It is very very difficult to make a change in behavior on your own. Almost impossible! One thing that can help is to change how you feel about something rather than just give up something. You want to quit sugar because it hardens your arteries and makes you heavy and will make you older and weaker before your time - rather than to lose weight. Anyway you look at it, I believe having someone take you out of your daily psychology - slap you if you will - is the only thing that can help some people change a behavior for good. I work with my skinny girls on a daily basis. If you go to the sugar addiction quiz at the eyou diet website, I can call you for a free session and see if we might be able to help you. You can stop.
tigrelis28 tigrelis28 6 years
I go back and forth. I was realizing how much sodium i was getting so i've been cutting back and now I just crave sweets and chocolate all the time. I can't stop.
Sprint2theTable Sprint2theTable 6 years
Cold turkey worked for me. After cleansing for 21 days, I am not hyper-sensitive to foods that are too sweet or over-salted. I won't even finish a piece of too-sweet cake - something I NEVER thought would happen.
glitzdreamer glitzdreamer 6 years
I've been substituting as written in this article and I've lost 5 pounds so far! I've got those pesky last-5-pounds left! thanks!
SkinnyCoach SkinnyCoach 6 years
I had to completely give up sugar and flour to be able to control my cravings. I started the eyou diet 15 years ago and lost 100 pounds but more importantly the cravings went away. I have been able to live without these foods easily because if you don't eat it the cravings are gone.
kclulu kclulu 6 years
Avoid proccessed or packaged foods. When you base your diet on whole/natural foods you eliminate a ton of salt and lots of added sugar. You still get your sugar with fruit but it comes with fiber which is good for you and it tastes delicious!
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