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You Asked: My Feet Go Numb on the Treadmill

Hey Fit,
I started my New Year's resolution a little early by joining a gym a few weeks ago. I've been using the treadmill, jogging for 30 minutes, but about 15 minutes or so into my run, my feet start to go numb. I'm not cold, so what's up with that, and how can I prevent this annoying sensation?
— Lost That Footsy Feeling

It might make you feel better to know that other FitSugar readers can probably relate. Not only are numb feet uncomfortable, but they can put you at risk for falling and injuring yourself. Don't worry, because I have some suggestions to help relieve your tingly tootsies, so as you run, your feet will swell slightly, so the first place I'd start is with your shoes. If they're too tight, they can cut off circulation to your feet. Try wearing thinner socks, and loosen up the laces by your toes. If they still feel tight, you may need to go up half a size, try a wider width, or lace up some different sneaker brands to see which suits your foot best. If you go to a running or fitness store, someone there should be able to help you get the best fit.

Also consider your running posture and form. The shoulders should be stacked on top of your pelvis, but if you're leaning too far forward it could be putting unnecessary pressure on your feet. Also, try to land softly as you step, moving with control instead of smacking your feet down. Pay attention to the muscles in your feet and try to keep them relaxed as you run. Don't curl your toes or press them up to the top of your shoe, but rather keep your feet flat. Tight calves may also be a culprit, so be sure to stretch them out well every day.


If these don't remedy your frozen feet, then I'd see a doctor or podiatrist, since the cause of your symptoms may be more serious than your shoes or running form.

Issues with pain or discomfort from running are common, so if you have an issue, share it in the RunningSugar community group.

Join The Conversation
sdirienz sdirienz 7 years
The same thing happens to me...but never on the treadmill. My feet only get numb while on the eliptical.
GlowingMoon GlowingMoon 7 years
I'm with Runningesq. Like her, for my workout shoes, I wear a size up. When I exercise, my feet do expand, perhaps from heating up, and I need extra room in my shoes.
runningesq runningesq 7 years
Did you get professionally fitted for your running shoes at a local running store ? Are you wearing the correct size ? I wear a size 6 in my "regular" shoes and a size 7 in my running shoes.
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