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Goddessbody Gives Tips on Relieving Shoulder Tension

Here are tips from the OnSugar blogger goddessbody, a licensed reflexologist, on relieving shoulder tension by rubbing specific parts of your feet.

Shoulder pain and muscle stiffness are very prevalent and I find that most of my clients complain of holding some degree of muscle tension in their shoulders. The shoulder reflexes are found on the proximal phalanx of the 5th toe. This is the area under the "baby" toe and it can be found on the sole (plantar), top (dorsal) and side (lateral) aspect of the foot (see photo).

You’ll notice in the photo that this area is often marked by calluses or skin texture changes in many people. In this case, the client had a history of shoulder stiffness. To work this area you may need the help of a partner or a good foot roller. I recommend using a Foot Rubz Massager for working hard to reach areas. Rub, knead and massage this area firmly but gently including the side of the foot too. Don’t be surprised if you feel some crunchiness under the skin. This reflex is rife with deposits even in those who don’t have many shoulder complaints.


More key areas:

When there is shoulder immobility, the fifth toe is usually very stiff as well and seems stuck to the 4th toe or curved under, stuck to the sole of the foot. It may be difficult for it to stretch out. Massage it, gently stretching it to release tension.

The webbing between the fourth and fifth toes and down between the fourth and fifth metatarsal bones on the top of the foot is also important. You may find that the webbing is exquisitely tender. Try to massage gently until some of the pain subsides.

Get more tension-taming tips by following Goddessbody. And why not start your own OnSugar blog? Your posts could be featured here on FitSugar.

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AlexiaJJ AlexiaJJ 7 years
Please don't promote so-called "treatments" that have been shown by peer-review studies using randomised controlled trials to have no effect on any medical condition ( People that suffer from real conditions and need medical attention, might think that they are getting treatment, when in fact they are not.
lauren lauren 7 years
Thanks for all of the tips, I always have terrible stress in my shoulders maybe this will help!
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