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I probably go camping two weekends out of every month, and like a lot of people I like to take photos of any adventure I'm on. As I've gotten a little better with my photography skills (but mostly remembering to bring my camera with me on hikes), the amount of photos I've taken has increased. Photos in the great outdoors can be tricky though because it's often hard to differentiate where you might have been. In urban environments there are usually iconic landmarks to tip you off, but without something like Half Dome in your frame, waterfalls, forests, and rivers start to look the same.

To make things easier on my memory I've taken a tip from my photojournalist friend and now keep a notebook on me while out hiking. I use the number assigned to the photo by my camera and write down any important details I might want to remember about the shot. That way when I get home and go through my pics I can easily figure out the details from the notes I've taken. Now I know for certain that pic "0092" is a shot of Vernal Falls, not Nevada Falls, and that my legs were burning like crazy by this time in the hike!

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