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How to Save Calories During Summer

5 Simple Swaps to Make Your Summer a Little Bit Healthier

Summer days are filled with relaxing moments with friends and family — which can often mean hours-long meals, frozen treats, and sugary drinks. Try one or two of these simple swaps this week to make sure you don't ruin the fun by stressing over a few extra calories.

  1. Ice cream treat: A stop at your favorite ice cream parlor is a worthy treat on hot days, but if you're not careful it can become a daily habit. Stock up on one of these portioned frozen yogurt treats instead — at many under 100 calories each, you can calm cravings without reaching for the cone.
  2. Cocktail hour: It's hard to resist an evening of drinks on the patio, but those glasses of sangria can add up, calorie wise. Remember to savor each glass slowly and choose a lower-calorie spirit to imbibe. Get more tips for saving on happy hour here.
  3. Picnic in the park: A picnic spread is like a never-ending buffet of fried, creamy, or sugary foods ready for you to enjoy. Make a few of these healthy picnic recipes to take along with you to ensure you've got options when that second helping of fried chicken is calling your name.
  4. Iced coffee break: It's too hot, and you need something frosty to wake you up. While an occasional Frappuccino can be a great treat, making your iced coffee break a daily habit can set you back thousands of calories. Cut the calories by more than half by opting for light options, nonfat milk, or a smoothie instead. Here are the healthiest iced Starbucks drinks to order instead of the Frappuccino.
  5. A BBQ every week: Your social calendar is filled with backyard Summer parties, which can mean lots of hamburgers, hot dogs, and chips and dip in the foreseeable future. Navigate those weekend barbecues by swapping that sausage for grilled shrimp and veggies, cutting down on the condiments, and bringing your own healthy dip. Get over 40 more healthy grilling tips and tricks here!
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