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How to Save Calories on the Weekend

How to Ditch 1,500 Calories This Weekend

You were so good this week by bringing healthy lunches to work and hitting the gym every day — of course you deserve to let loose on the weekend. But if you're not careful, you could end up consuming more calories than you saved this week, sabotaging all your hard work. Here are three ways to shave off 1,500 calories from your weekend adventures.

  • Sip on this: Celebrating with some drinks? Forget ordering high-calorie beverages like rum and coke (369 calories) or a mai tai (260), and go for a drink that's around 100 calories such as a light beer, glass of wine, wine spritzer, or made-from-scratch mojito.
    Calories saved: 100 to 200 per drink
  • Skip the enormous brunch: A huge morning meal with friends is one of the most fun things to do on the weekend, but inhale a huge plate complete with a belgian waffle (590 calories), scrambled eggs (143), bacon (138), and hash browns (207), and you're looking at over 1,000 calories. Go ahead and enjoy your favorite brunch foods, just take smaller portions.
    Calories saved: 300 to 700
  • Sweat it out longer: Since you have a little extra time while off from work, why not do a longer workout? A 90-minute run, a three-hour yoga workshop, or a mini triathlon at the gym burns over 800 calories.
    Calories saved: 800
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