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How to Save Dessert Calories

4 Easy Ways to Save Dessert Calories

If your insanely huge sweet tooth takes over your willpower, it can be hard to say no to dessert. Now you don't have to. Keep these calorie-saving tips in mind when it comes to indulging in sweets, and you can have your cake without looking like you do.

  1. Order your ice cream in a bowl instead of a cone: A sugar cone is 45 calories and a waffle cone is 160. Aside from those calories saved, eating your ice cream with a spoon allows you to savor each bite instead of having to quickly inhale a melting cone to prevent dripping.
  2. Skip the traditional sundae toppings: Whipped cream (53), nuts (210), hot fudge (48), and caramel (52) really add up. Instead, top your ice cream with a half cup of frozen raspberries for only 35 calories.
  3. Choose sorbet instead of ice cream: A half-cup serving of strawberry ice cream will run you 240 calories. Go for the just-as-fruity but fewer-calorie sorbet for only 130 calories. Or whip up your own vegan ice cream made with bananas for 150 calories. But remember that just because it's lower in calories doesn't give you the green light to eat twice as much. Keep the serving size the same to truly save on calories.
  4. Find healthier alternatives to your faves: A slice of New York-style cheesecake with strawberry topping is about 630 calories. You can get the same creamy fruitiness with a bowl of these strawberry banana creams — just 145 calories. If you can't pass on your favorite recipes, switch out the butter or oil for avocado or applesauce, or use mashed sweet potato to cut down on sugar.
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