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An Expert Shares the Ultimate Self-Massage to Help You Sleep Better

Having trouble sleeping? There could be a million reasons why you're not getting the zzz's you need. Maybe you had too much caffeine during the day or perhaps you're just feeling really stressed. Whatever the case may be, self-massage may be just the ticket to help you fall asleep and get the shut-eye you desperately need.

"Self-massage can help you relax your muscles and calm your nervous system so that you can fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer," Michelle Ebbin, a touch therapy expert and spokesperson for at-home massage app Soothe, tells POPSUGAR. "Massage therapy improves sleep by increasing delta waves in the brain." And massage therapy doesn't have to be administered by a therapist. In fact, you can do it in the comfort of your very own bed!

This simple self-massage is meant to "reduce stress and tension via your hands," according to Michelle. It may sound like massaging your own hands won't get you very far, but Michelle says this is commonly "used as a reflexology remedy," and it's very effective. Your hands are "the reflexology area to the solar plexus, the 'nerve switchboard' to the body."


Here's how you do it: "Press your thumb in the center of the palm of your hand for 10 seconds, then make small circles in each direction for 10 seconds," Michelle says. "Repeat this on the other hand. This will soothe your nervous system, reduce stress, and calm the energy in your entire body."

If you're struggling with head tension that prevents you from sleeping well, Michelle also has a relief acupressure remedy for that. "This is the 'Union Valley' acupressure point," she says. "Apply pressure to the web between your thumb and index finger (pinching it between your other thumb and index finger) for 10 seconds. Make small circles with your thumb in one direction then the other for another 10 seconds. Firm pressure on this area releases tension from the head and neck."

If you come up with some other self-massage ideas while you're lying in bed, don't hesitate to give them a shot! Whatever kind of massage feels good for you will help you fall asleep.

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